Beginners Guide to Jobseeker Getting Started at merojob

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merojob is essentially a bridge that connects hundreds of jobseekers to their prospect employers on a daily basis. With over 4 lakh jobseekers and over 28 thousand employers registered on our site, we are proud to be ranked as leading online job portal in Nepal.

merojob hosts a vast number of reputed organizations on site that update job postings on a daily basis. With over 700 new job vacancies posted every week, you can be assured to find job vacancies of any industry, level, or category that suits your career.

Register with merojob

merojob puts in immense efforts to make job searching an easy and effective experience for you. Our website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve even more.

To start your job search, you need to first register and create free merojob profile, which should take less than a minute. You can register with your personal email address and upon verification, you’re registered with merojob.


Complete your profile

To have the best job-searching experience at merojob, you should fill in all the required details in the “update your profile” section. We highly recommend that you complete your profile to a hundred percent, as more details about you would enable us to better match you with suitable employees.    

Also, make sure to provide only correct information about yourself in your profile, as incorrect information would only be harmful to your own job search. If you need help in completing your profile, you can get in touch with us at 01-4106700 or send us a private message. 

After you have taken an effort to complete your profile, system will automatically create a resume for you to be sent to organizations that you are interested in. 

Now, Job-searching and finding suitable jobs is as simple as clicking “apply” to those that you are interested in.

A few Do’s and Don’ts in Job-Searching


  • Read every job opening thoroughly. Specifically, read the qualifications required, and duties you will be performing at the job. Assess beforehand if the work you will be required to do is acceptable to you or not. Also be sure to check the location.
  • Apply only to those jobs that are suitable to you. Ask yourself if you are qualified enough, and have required skills to do the job or not. Randomly applying for jobs will only make your own job search ineffective.
  • Check your merojob account regularly for application notifications and jobs matching your profile. You can view the status of your applications on the “My status” tab on your upper right hand side. You can also find “Jobs matching your profile” in the “Overview” tab.
  • Don’t forget to update your emails and phone numbers in the profile. Keep your profile updated with other information about you time and again.
  • Check your e-mail and phone calls regularly. Some employer might be trying to reach you for interviews or further employment. 
  • Be organised. Job searching is most effective when you are organised. Keep a record of where you have applied, which ones are your top options, etc.
  • Be Patient. Finding the right job often takes time.


  • Don’t randomly apply to Jobs that don’t fit your profile. It will only make job searching ineffective for you.
  • Don’t ignore calls on your registered phone no. You might miss out on some employer trying to call you for a job interview, or further employment processes.
  • Don’t take rejections personally. Getting a job is a professional affair, and there is no room for emotions.  If you got rejected, it’s not your fault. It’s just that you wouldn’t have fit into the company.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Well this is something beyond our control and job searching can be a frustrating activity at times, but just try to be calm.
  • Don’t give up. As stated earlier, job searching requires patience. There is a lot that’s not under your control, - such as when a suitable vacancy will turn up, or how long it will take for employers to review your profile. Just keep at it and sooner or later, you will land a proper job.

Need More Help?

If you need additional help with your job searching, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time. We provide an array of services such as professional resume, counselling, training etc.; to help you land your desired job. 

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