5 Ways to Gain Employee Feedback Effectively

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Feedback is what makes a person realize about the tiny little things that they're missing out in their life or the work they're doing. Similarly, employees gaining feedbacks from managers is simply a normal thing, but what about the feedback given by the employees to their manager? It's very rare in the context of our country. 

As a manager or the owner of your company, you know the job inside and out. But sometimes, you end up missing out the smaller details - details that could improve the productivity and contribute to a better workday. Feedbacks can bring these details to your attention, and when employees are encouraged to give feedback, they get more satisfied with their job. 

So, here are some top ways you can use in order to gain effective employee feedbacks.

Be Approachable
If you're unfriendly and strict in front of your employees, but you try to welcome their feedback, then your employees would rather stay quiet and put. Feedbacks can be effective only when it is two-sided and not one-sided. Likewise, it's easier to offer feedback and constructive criticism when both parties are approachable which puts everyone at ease. 

Therefore, you should aim to build a good working relationship with your staff. Get to know them on personal level, and periodically make small talk during the day. Make your approach in a proper way and be flexible. 

Ask Repeatedly
If your employees give you their feedback, do not live with the fact that they'll be doing it time and again. Basically, offering a one-time invite does not only count. 

You are in your leadership position to serve and support your team. You need to keep on asking their feedback once a while, but it does not mean that you ask every day and irritate them. 

Have Team Meals
People like free food, especially when they're offered by their role models. Having team meals can be a great way to keep your employees talking. Get along with them and try to learn everything about them - not only just work related issues. 

Let the conversation keep on going, make your employees feel comfortable in your company. Once when they get along pretty well, you'll tackle some of the weird and useful feedbacks. 

Keep Feedbacks Private
When you receive feedbacks from different employees, you'll hear some remarks regarding other departments or coworkers. In order to gain effective feedback, it is very important that your employees trust you with this information. 

The main key theme is to keep those feedbacks private. From the beginning only, inform employees that all feedbacks are private. And, if you plan to share their feedback with another manager, mention this early on. Remember that employees do provide feedbacks if the meeting is confidential. 

Use Employees Survey
There might be those days when you won't be able to schedule meetings with all your staffs. At such time, take advantage of anonymous employee surveys to gain their feedback. You can ask a series of questions and get honest answers from your employees. 

Employees are a valuable asset to every company. Most companies do not survive when they don't have strong teams. So, in one way or the other, keep on getting feedback from your employees which can take you and your company to the next level. 

So, these are some ways by which you can gain effective employee feedbacks. If in case, you want to share your views or ideas then feel free to comment down below. For more tips on HR insider, click here.

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