Work From Home: Do's and Don'ts

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Among the various work cultures around the world, work from home is a trendy one. According to the recent statistics shared by, 3.1 million people in the U.S are working from home. Because of the Social Distancing Restriction due to COVID-19 Pandemic, a greater portion of the workforce has started working from home.

Work from Home can be a new concept and a challenge for many Nepali Employees brought forth by the global pandemic. Working from home is not an easy task as it has its own challenges and demands and it can be even more challenging for married individuals with children.


One should be able to supervise their own tasks, concentrate in work despite various distractions and balance their work and family space.  Here are the key Do’s and Don’ts that will allow you to get work done while working from home. 



Wake up early

The benefits of sleeping on time and waking up early becomes unparalleled. It will energize you and make you more productive. It gives you enough time for exercise and a proper breakfast before you start your work.


Prepare a to-do list and a proper schedule

Listing the activities to do for a day will avoid the distractions and helps you in keeping track of your tasks status and completing it on time.


Dress up and divide proper work space

Create a work-space that can help you get into the right frame of mind and makes it feel like work as it determines how well you can perform. Also, you never know when you are getting a video call, so get dressed up beforehand.


Maintain intact Communication with your co-worker

Communicating with your co-worker helps you get updates about the on-going activities. It also helps to keep a check and balance of your work if you are sharing it with at least a person.


Always be ready with “Plan B”

You never know what happens next, your internet won’t work or your laptop gets shut down. So, in such a case, get ready with your “Plan B” to make your day productive.


Take Regular Breaks

Working continuously can make your day monotonous. Take regular short breaks so that your brain can rest and work properly.

Stay Hydrated

At last but not the least, drink plenty of water. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your health. 



Over Snack

Over snacking leads towards drowsiness which will definitely hamper your efficiency. The task you could finish in 10 minutes will now take 30 minutes due to drowsiness. So, snack at a scheduled time.


Post anything on Social Media during office hours

Sharing or posting anything on social media during office hours would distract you. It would also make an impression that you are not working.

Turn the TV on

Turning on TV while working will create distraction. It’s tempting to have a movie or a series playing on TV while you work, however it will only prolong your workday if you let it.


Involve in Household Chores

Involving in Household chores during office hours will hamper your work efficiency. Keep boundaries with yourself and with others so that you are not expected to do everything at home while also trying to hustle and work for 8 or more hours a day.


Engage with Family/Friends

Maintain distance with your family and friends during work. Create boundaries and let them know about the responsibilities that comes along with being a boss of your own time.


We believe these few tips will help you in increasing your productivity while working from home. However, the most important thing we should possess is the ownership and dedication towards the work in order to accomplish the task whether we are working in an office environment or from home.

Stay safe, stay Hydrated and maintain the same level of efficiency as working in an office environment.

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