Tips to ease back into work after being on Festive Break

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of total relaxation a festive break gives you. Bijaya Dashami was amazing, we had fun with friends and family and lost track of time as we had all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves.


However, it is the time we get back to work and contribute to our personal growth. For some, coming back to work after the long festive break is easy and for others, going back to work can be a challenge after a restful or fun-filled holiday.


Whether you’re worried about the emails piled up, pending tasks, or important meetings which are scheduled for the return, these worries are far from uncommon. The first day of work can be long and slow. Thankfully, there are things you can do to settle yourself back into work again. Here's how you can make the return a painless process.


Don't think about what you can't change

Focusing too much on the fact that the festive break has ended, can make you feel even worse so, try to establish a positive mind-set before your first day back. Instead of focusing on the negative (for example: your inbox full of emails, pending tasks and meetings) think about the elements of your job role that you enjoy the most.


Settle back in gradually

Once you're back to work, don't dive into your work immediately. You will probably have too much work to catch up on the first day but use a slow start to plan your weeks and prioritise your tasks to ensure that you are not stressing yourself too much. Try to figure out what’s urgent and what’s not and get the most urgent tasks finished first.


Catch Up with Your Colleagues

When you are back to work after almost a week of festival break, make an effort to reconnect with your colleagues. Take time to find out how their Dashain celebration was and share your experience. Simply talking to someone can help improve your first day back and helps in making the day shorter.


Be Active

Letting your mind still live in the holiday season will only make it hard to readjust and settle back at work. An active mind will easily help you shift back to work and it will almost make you feel like you never left. Start working gradually and make sure that you are not just sitting around and waiting for 5:30 pm to leave work.


Hang in there... This feeling will pass!

After few days, you will likely get over the blues: eventually everything will fall into place and you will settle back to work very easily.

Happy Back-To-Work!

Do you have any other tips that should be included on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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