Tips for Interview: Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

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A job interview provides the employer and the job applicant an opportunity to interact with each other.  In a broader sense, it can be defined as a type of employment test that involves a conversation between a job applicant and a few representatives of the employing organization. 

During a job interview, the candidate giving the interview will be presented with a series of question in order to access their knowledge about the company and experience to the given position, interest in the position and also their long term career goals. But, at the end of any job interview, the interviewee will be given a chance to ask questions regarding their expectations from the company, the job position and the company. 

You need to be very careful while asking questions to the interviewer. You will surely be evaluated on the basis of the questions you ask your prospective employer. Every question you ask reflects your intention and attitude towards the company. Here goes some important question you must never ask while in an interview: 

What Does Your Company Do?
During a job interview, you should never, ever ask what the company does and any other general information related to the company. Asking this question will create an impression that you have not done your homework. Just as an interviewer does some research about you before your interview, you should also do a little research about the company. 

No matter what role you are going to play, you should be familiar with the company. You should never ask anything about the company which you can easily find on the company’s website. Asking this question may create an impression that you are not interested in the company as well as the position. It also creates a feeling of uncertainty regarding you really want the job or not. 

What is the Salary for this Position?
Yes, we all love money and work with an objective to earn money. During the interview, you may be very much tempted to know about the salary and ask about the pay range or amount. 

But, it’s certainly not right to talk about your salary at the first interview. This question will give your employer an impression that you love salary more than your job. And, employers are always seeking for people who love their job more than their salary. 

Do I Have to Work Overtime or on Weekends?
This is one of the questions that embarrasses the interviewer the most. These types of questions create an impression that you are hoping to work as less as possible. You have to commit yourself 24/7 if you really want to do the job. If you raise this question, the interviewer will surely assume that you are not the right pick for the job. This implies that you don’t want to give your fullest and work as little as possible. 

How Quickly Can I Get Promoted?
A better way to ask this question would be, “What are some of the opportunities for growth in the company?”  If you directly ask questions like how quickly can I get promoted, it will reflect that you are only interested in making money than in the job you’ve applied for.  

Did I Get the Job? Or, Am I Selected for the Position?
You may be very excited to know the results about the interview. But, instead of asking if you are selected, it would be better to ask if whether there are any additional rounds of the final selection. Don’t appear desperate for the jobs, always act calm.  The interviewer goes for those who are humble, light minded, honest, etc.  At the end, if they like you, there will always be some clue. 

While giving an interview, keep in mind that you should never ask these questions to the interviewer. These questions generate a negative impression about you and also your attitude towards the given job position. Be prepared in advance about what to ask and what not to ask to the interviewer for a confident and successful interview. 

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