Reasons why you are Not Succeeding in Your Job Search

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Despite going through each and every vacancy, sending customized resume, listing out all your skills and experiences, you are still not being able to get hired? Just like me, most of us tend to think that getting a perfect job is a piece of cake and set expectations accordingly. And this leads to frustration of not being able to get a job easily. 

Getting a job of your choice is undoubtedly a tedious task. The situation gets more difficult when we forget that there are many other applicants applying for the same position as you are. For any job position, a hiring manager receives at least 10 applications and to get hired, you need to best among them. While you compete with other applicants, there may be many reasons why you are not succeeding in your job search. Let’s see what some of them are: 

Depending Totally on Online Job Search Sites
Due to the ease in job search & application process, many of the job seekers focus primarily on online sites for job search. But trust me, you can find many quality job vacancies at other mediums such as newspapers, company career page, Social Media Sites, etc.   

Depending totally on online job search sites limits your job search process which will directly hinder your job search. Be open to other mediums to expand your job search. 

Using a Standard Resume
You have a well written resume that sums up everything from your personal details to qualifications and work experience. So, does that mean you can use it for every job vacancy you apply to? The answer is a big NO.   

It is very important to tailor your job applications according to the job position you are applying to. As every job has different needs and responsibilities, it is very vital to tailor your resume accordingly. Write your resume such that you can match your skills, experience and qualifications as listed in the vacancy announcement. 

An Unprofessional E-mail Address
Using an unprofessional email address is something that turns off hiring managers. Despite having the best resume, skills, qualifications and experience required for the job, the hiring manager can reject your application if you have an unprofessional email address. Never use unprofessional email address such as [email protected], [email protected], etc. 

Not Reading the Ad Carefully
While applying for any job position, it is very important to read the details in the vacancy announcement rather than just focusing on the job position. It is very important to follow each and every instructions provided in the vacancy announcement.   

For example, if the employers want your CV in a PDF format, you have to send it in a PDF format not Word format. Even these small mistakes will increase chances of your application not being shortlisted. 

Lack of Networking
Networking, both personally & professionally is very important in your job search process. It will keep you in touch with the professionals in the industry. Not being able to network effectively is a major disadvantage especially if you are searching for a job. Even simple things such as sharing articles, attending events and seminars can help in building your network.   

Not being able to fulfil these criteria are some of the reasons why you are not being successful in your job search. Get more job search advice here.

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