Job Search During The Coronavirus Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the job search and hiring process in every market throughout the country, job seekers are facing a new challenge – how to search in times of uncertainty. What can be done to ensure strong job searching during this time? Here are some tips for job searching during the lockdown.

  • Get the basics Ready

    First things first: make sure that you have an updated resume and your jobseeker profile is up to date. Take a look at 8 Steps to Write a Successful Resume or, find out more about Resume Checklist for a Winning Resume.

    Then, start working on streamlining your job search: try to identify what do you need from your next job role? What skillsets and strengths do you have for the role that you are looking for? Are there any areas in which you want to improve? Etc.

  • Keep Applying to Jobs

    Do not let this situation stop you from applying to the relevant job openings. Even if the organization stops its hiring process temporarily, the chances are once things get normal, they will still have to fill that vacant position. Therefore, keep applying to the relevant job openings as usual.

  • Enhance your Digital Presence:

    Utilize this time to upgrade and enhance your digital presence. Take time to update your job seeker profile, LinkedIn profile, and clean up your social media pages: remove anything that you do not want a potential employer to see.

    Establishing a professional social media presence can demonstrate your passion, your personality, your uniqueness, and expedite your job search process.

  • Spend time on Networking

    Networking may not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list but this can be the right time lean into your network and continue or start to build it. When it is done in the right way networking gives power to your career success: it helps you land a job faster and give you a competitive edge throughout different stages of your career.

    Learn how you can overcome your fear of Networking

  • Stay Up-to-Date with the Job openings:

    When you are job searching, you must always stay current on the latest job openings. You can use job search engines or career-related websites that post job openings. Here at merojob, we are working as normal, albeit remotely to help you with your career needs even in this unusual time.

So, are you looking for a new job during this pandemic? Let us know how things are going for you below...

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