Improve Your Interview Performance

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You have been using merojob for your dream job. And finally the day comes that you get that awesome job, you are called for the interview to meet with the interviewer.  But you have not prepared for the interview for your dream job.

Even the people with high confidence or excellent GPA must prepare for the interview. This is simply because interview skills are practiced, learned, and of course you are going to lose your first chance of first impression with lack of interview preparation and improvisation.

How to improve your interview performance?

Here are the easy steps:

Dressing for a job not for the organization
You always have to dress well and be well groomed for the interview. It is always better to research on the type of job you have applied for and do the grooming and dressing according to the job roles.

Good non-verbal communication practice
Practicing good non verbal communication means standing right, sitting right, maintain eye contact, connecting with a firm handshake. The non verbal communication is one of the main factor that you should be practicing all the time as this is not only going to help you at the interview but also going to polish your personality.

As listening is the key drive of communication, from the beginning the interviewer is giving you the information about the company and job roles directly or indirectly. So, listen carefully what the interviewer says in the interview. Just observe the interviewer and try to match his/her pace and style.

Do not talk too much
Talking too much in the interview may destroy your image as thought. Sometimes when you are not prepared for the interview, you may speak more than the answer deserves. Looking at the job description before attending the interview only helps you answer the questions.

Using appropriate language
The language you use at the interview matters a lot to the interviewer. Make sure the language you use is official, kind, welcoming and full of enthusiasm about the job. Be aware of any inappropriate slang words or references to cast, age, politics, religion or sexual orientation, these topics could send you to out of the gate instantly.

Ask Questions
Asking questions at the end of the interview makes you smart. Through the questions you ask you can be aware of the culture of the company, the job roles you will be performing, their expectations and the current challenges. The interviewer always provides you with an opportunity to ask questions, so if you do not ask any they might either think you do not have any interest or unwilling to speak.

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