How to Train Shy, Introverted Employees

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Some people are born introvert and some extrovert. Neither of the personality types can be considered better than the other. Similarly, everyone encounters that one person who is always buried with their paperwork, who has never spoken a word to you or who has no proper contact with other colleagues as well. 

Introverts are those types of people who will be unable to share their ideas properly in a group or team. As a manager, it is your responsibility to help such employees in being a little more open. A manager plays a major role in making their employees feel comfortable in their surroundings. 

So, here are some tips on how you can train your shy, introverted employees to speak up and get a chance to explore their hidden talents.

Pro-Active Coaching
Pro-active coaching is a type of a coaching where the managers tend to be much more focused on achieving a particular goal through tapping into the power of his/ her team, employees or coworkers. 

While you’re having a team meeting, always give the introvert ones the chance to speak up and you’ll be amazed how their answers will be very unique. Also, provide them an opportunity to make a good decision not daily, but occasionally. 

Show Some Differences
You should approach them to get them understand their impact in two different scenarios. For example, “This is the impact of you speaking up (come up with a list of points) and this is the impact of you not speaking up.” 

Doing this will make them realize the difference between being quiet and being open, and also motivate them to speak up. 

Ask for Their Feedback 
This is one of the most effective ways to let your shy employees speak up. While having conversation with such employees, open ended questions will be the key. Otherwise, you should give them the chance to give their feedback during your team meeting.

To make them easily speak up, you should remember to create a space for them to contribute to the conversation. 

Encourage Them in Public Speaking
As we all know, introvert people usually listens and don’t speak much. In order to reverse that, you should encourage such shy and introvert employees to practice public speaking. 

You can become a role model for them, and organize various short programs within the organization where you can include them to speak up. 

Accept and Value
Basically, you need to accept your employees despite of their flaws. You not only accept them but you need to make them feel that they’re valued. This must be done because introvert people have low self esteem and lack confidence. Make them feel that they’re valued. 

As a manager, don’t only be seen as a manager in front of their eyes but also become a personal guide for them. This will not only help a shy employee to gain confidence, but also to move ahead in order to bring some change within themselves. 

Hence, these are some tips to train your shy and introvert employees and help them to open up a bit more. We hope you like this content. If in case, you want to share your views or ideas then feel free to comment down below. For more career tips and advice, click here

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