How to Handle Rejection in Job Search

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Applying for a job does not always result in successfully getting a job. Just as being selected for a job, job rejection is something everyone faces at some point of their job search. Apart from being depressed, there are also many other ways to handle rejection in a positive manner. 

Dealing with job rejection can be tough, especially if you face a number of rejections over time. So how do you get over the rejection and start anew? These seven proven ways of dealing with job rejection can be really helpful if you are dealing with job rejection: 

Don’t take it Personally
Being rejected for a job does not mean that you are not capable of doing a job or not equally competitive as other candidates. A single job interview does not measure your professional worth. The hiring process at most companies is often difficult to analyze and typically out of your control. So just because you didn't win the interview round doesn't mean that you are not the qualified for the job. 

Always Have a Plan B
It is never a good idea to apply only for one job and stick your hope in it. There is always a chance that you might or might not get the job. Make sure that you apply for multiple relevant positions in your job search process. 

Ask for Feedback
While most employers do not practice providing feedback after rejection, you can always ask for feedback yourself. This will provide you with an opportunity to find out where you lagged behind and the areas in which you need to improve. 

Accept the Reality & Move Forward
One of the best ways to cope with rejection is to accept the reality and move forward. We find it easy to blame various factors for our own failures. Accepting your own weakness and improving on it is the key to success. 

Don’t Stick with the Past
Many of us have the tendency to stick with the mistakes we made in the past. Instead of focusing on rejections, try to focus on instances when you've succeeded and when your expectations were met. Remembering those positive outcomes will help you boost your morale and provide the feeling that you're meant for something bigger and better. 

Analyze Your Strengths
Don’t stress yourself up just because you've been rejected for multiple jobs. Analyze and focus on your strengths and identify opportunities that you are passionate about, and that passion will show through in interviews.

Maintain a Positive Attitude
Keeping a positive attitude is the best way to deal with rejections. Turn each rejection into a learning opportunity and stay focused on your ultimate goal. The day will come when you’ll land on your dream job. 

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