How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

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An interview for a job means a lot to you and you have to come up with something fast to make a good impression. "Please describe yourself" is the most common question in any interview. It can make you think a lot more than you really should. Simple as it may seem, "Why don't you tell me about yourself?" is not an interview question to take lightly.

How you answer the question can set the tone for your entire interview and how the interviewer sees you. Approaching to answer in an honest, candid manner can help a lot. All you have to do is make the interviewer want to know more about you. Well, here are some tips to help you answer the most common but difficult to answer questions asked in most interviews.

Begin smoothly

It's a fact that everyone gets nervous in their interviews whether it's their first interview or the 100th one. It's not necessary that you must be perfect in your interview. Some mistakes are quite common in interviews. All you have to do is start your sentence smoothly.

It's okay if your voice is trembling but don't get to the point where trembling your voice can make you lose the opportunity. Approach your answer honestly and watch yourself lose nervousness in minutes.

Start with "I would say I'm..."

You can start your sentence from anywhere you find yourself comfortable, but sometimes it can lead to a wrong turn. So, the best thing is that you should start your sentence with "I would say I'm..." or "I am someone who...”.

These phrases make it look like you're not being over confident about yourself and on the other hand, you're also not being unsure about yourself. It can shape your answer quite nicely.

Be honest

Being honest is the best way to describe yourself. Well, there are many people who fake their hobbies and interest to create a good impression. They describe themselves to a peak point where the interviewer might point out that they're lying. So, the best thing to do is to be honest.

Tell them your true hobbies and interests even though it might seem boring. The main objective of this question is to see how you react to this question and how you handle it. The interviewer observes you more than the answer so better be honest and polite.

Speak Out Your Heart

When you are presented with this question, the first thing to be careful about is, do not think for a long time. It's the question where you have to define about your hobbies, interest and about you. There's nothing to think for a long time, isn't it?

Basically, thinking for a long time can make your interviewer think that you're probably making up the best answers possible to highlight about yourself and we tell you, this can be a very wrong turn in your interview.

Smile and Be Confident

When asked this question, you don't have to make a face. This is the question where the interviewer would be observing your reaction and your personality. So, making a face is not a good idea. The way you communicate through body language can have a significant impact on how you're perceived in an interview.

What you have to do is smile throughout your interview and answer every question with confidence. It's okay to be nervous, but control yourself and don't overdo it.

Relate your Answers with the Job

When asked about yourself, do not be too comfortable to answer whatever you want to. Answer the question in such a way that it relates to the job you're applying for.  Basically, when your answer relates to your interview, it can benefit you a lot. But make sure that you don’t fake your answers.

If your answers can't relate to the job, then show your passion for it. So, these are some tips for answering the most common and difficult question with and how to answer them. There's nothing more to put an effort in, just be yourself and answer the question.

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