8 Type of Behaviors in the Workplace

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We come across various behaviors in the workplace, some of which we don't think about. Coming across such behaviors either creates workplace a very difficult place or the best place ever. Among various workplace behavior types, there are significantly eight types of classical behaviors present in a workplace.

In a workplace, everyone prefers to behave in a way they find comfortable. Everyone has their own way of carrying out their work and maintaining relation with their colleagues. However, understanding such behaviors can help you gain efficiency by making use of its strengths. This will also give you an insight into how to deal with each co-worker and keeping up the relation with them.

Here is a brief description of eight classical types of behavior in the workplace;

The Leader

Known as the controllers, aggressive and strict, such workers take their work seriously and they don't like to waste their time in unusual things. Having attitude, they take charge on everything they can have their hands on. They are also the ones to take up full responsibility on handling any type of projects.

As they are mentally engaged while doing their work most of the time, we might find them hard being tactful. They are, sometimes, seen as the ones with poor interaction skills which they don't intend on focusing much.

The Outcast

These are the employees who have an easy going attitude. Quite opposite of the leader types, they don't take their work seriously and are often losing their track on getting the details. They find difficult to catch up on the structure whether it relates to rules, working hours or deadlines.

Although they are kind and friendly, their behavior can sometimes be a source of irritation for other colleagues. But once they are given the work where creativity and variety are called for, they bring up the most unique ideas which no one can think of.

The Striker

Having the qualities of being angry, unkind, pessimistic and moody, the strikers are the main reason to cause low self-confidence in other employees with their sarcasm and negative remarks. Basically, these people mark themselves as superior to others, continuingly showing disrespect and disapproval for the inability and indigence of their co-workers.

Also, they have the ability to make others feel insecure within seconds, with their irritating sarcasm.

The Performer

Great with having a sense of humor, they give an impression of accomplishing a lot more than they actually do. With their presence, the workplace environment turns quite bright by making other people happy with their jokes.

However, they do have a bad side of misleading you by twisting facts. They can even go to the point of exploiting others, to reach their professional destination by creating a false impression of their productivity.

The Pleasurer

These employees are friendly, pleasant, helpful and sociable and also easy to get along in a personal level. They find it hard to deny a request and ends up helping others. They are quite the type as they don't like to handle conflicts and comes up with various excuses when they are told to deal one.

Workers with such behaviors can be good at keeping the wrong doings of another within themselves in order to maintain a good relation with others.

The Avoider

Quiet and reserved, they prefer doing their work alone rather than having to group with other and involve in social interaction. They always like to keep a low profile because they fear of being noticed and visible. While co-operating with them in projects, they are likely to function less as they might find it uncomfortable.

As loneliness is what makes them happy, they might side themselves from big responsibility missing out the chance of promotion and a big pay check.

The Logical

Logical employee does an analysis of mostly everything which they come across on. They are very cautious, accurate and ultra-careful that they double check each of their work, ensuring of clearing any error which might be present. Working alone can make their work more effective than working in groups. No matter what new idea anyone has, they can analyze it so well that they can come up with perfect reasons why it won't work and shouldn't be done.

The Achiever

Also known as the dream employees, they have the confidence and belief in themselves which makes it easier for anyone to work with them. They are the ones to take a criticism or sarcasm positively, and see those criticisms as a step of improving themselves. Also having a good sense of humor and admired by others, they mostly consult with others and makes good decisions that keep the company's goal in the lead.

Most importantly, they are the ones who can go along with any behavior types. So, these are the eight types of classical behavior in the workplace which you might come across in your workplace. Now that you know of these types, you can prepare yourself on dealing with each co-worker differently.

We hope you found this content useful. Also speaking of which, you might also find yourself among any of the given categories. So, you can feel free to share with us in your comments below. For more career tips and advice, click here.

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