5 Ways to Formulate a Career Goal

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When you started your career, you must have been very excited. While starting a career, almost everyone feels like this is what I wanted and how my career should be. But as time passes by and you move forward in your career, you come to a point where you start to realize that you’re simply not where you wanted to be professionally. 

What can you do in this circumstance? Well, if you are going through the same phase of your professional life, it’s time for you to formulate a career plan. Your goals and the objectives you want to achieve determine your career action plan. In many ways, setting career goals is like constructing a plan before going on a trip. 

Without a clear action plan, you might get lost in the middle of your trip, ruining everything. Likewise, if your career is your destination, make your goals a map. In short, a career plan can help you get back on course and reach your destination on time. So, here are some ways that can help you formulate your career goals.


The first step is to evaluate your own personal characteristics. You should be well aware about your weakness and strengths, your interests and skills, your likes and dislikes etc. You can write down on a paper to make it a bit easier. After being clear about your personal characteristics, you can match it to a specific career goal.

Also, ask questions about what position you really want to work in. Once, you have an idea of where you want to go, you’ll be able to develop a right plan.

Create a Career Plan

After you’ve identified about your interests, likes and dislikes, the next step is to create a career plan so that you can always have ‘I can do it’ motto. Creating a career plan involves your overall experience from bad to good ones.

Only you can decide what kind of career job interests you, but you can also get guidance and assistance of other resources as well. You must also be able to measure the outcome of your goals.

Follow your Career Plan

Now, as you’ve created a career plan, move forward to follow your plan. Remember, the activities on your plan should be achievable. Also, make sure that your abilities and skills are well matched with your long-term goals.

While you’re making progress, do not be impatient, just because it’s taking longer than you expected. Just go with what you’re doing in order to succeed, put all your energy, time and money.

Grow your network

Networking also plays a major role in career planning. Through networking, you are creating a community of people who support and help each other. Your chance of being successful is bigger if you have a bigger networking with people.

Networking is an on-going effort where you set goals, develop strategies for achieving them and also, evaluate how far you’ve come. It is quite necessary to develop a network of friendly and well known people in the industry in order to achieve greater success.

Keep Reviewing your Goal

Lastly, you should keep on reviewing your goals once or twice a month to make sure that you’re going in the right way. A career path that has expanded today could easily shrink any time. So, it is important to be updated about your career plans practically. Take out some time to identify the things you’ve left incomplete, then analyze why you didn’t achieve them.

After that, you can plan on how to fix it or what to do ahead. Overall, a career plan is what you want it to be. It can be long-term or short-term or both and that’s the benefit of having it. It’s your plan and you’re the one who decide on it. So, we hope you found this content useful.

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