5 Things You Must Bring To Every Job Interview

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You get a call from an organization you have applied job in. You get ready for the interview day with the verbal preparation.You walk into the interview to get your dream job, you meet and greet them, sit down and suddenly you realize that you have no copies of resumes, no pen, no paper for notes.
Regrettably, you have risked the chances of getting shortlisted for the interview.
To prevent yourself from getting rejected, you should prepare for the interview. You have to make a checklist of everything you take to your interview for the first good impression.
To become fully prepared for the interview, below mentioned are the five best things to take at your job interview:

Extra Resumes
Bringing extra resumes at the job interviews helps you a lot. If there is more than one interviewer then every single would have your resume right at their hands. It would be very easy to make them understand who you are through your resume.

Notepad, pen and pad folio
A notepad, a pen a pad folio are also very much important during the time of the interview. You have notes to take, things to remember, dates to note or other important things to note down. If you beg pen and a paper with the interviewer at that time, it would seem very unprofessional and incompetent. 

Well informed questions
If you don’t prepare smart questions, you run the risk of the interviewer assuming you are not interested  or have not prepared. The candidates are usually given the chance to ask questions at the last of the interview, so you should prepare at least two questions to ask in the last of the interview. 

Directions and contact information
You must bring the contact information of the company or the person you were in contact with for the interview. You might be in doubt about the address of the interview venue, so carrying this would help.

Your Stories
Preparing a story before the interview help you remember a story that would get fit into almost every question during the time of the interview. It would be embarrassing to start a story without any preparation during the time, and realizing it that the story ended with horrible message or in dis managed order.

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