5 Powerful Reasons to Keep a Journal

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Life never goes effectively if we miss out any important things. You don’t have to write well, you just need to want to do it. There are many things that we do in our day-to-day life, but we only remember some. If someone asked you what we did a few days back, we go blank. By writing a journal you can know your daily activities. As you don’t want to make mistakes that you did in the past, writing journal help you detect it.

1. Help in Better Connection with your Goal

A journal basically includes your dreams and those things you want to achieve in the following days to come. Going through the journals in daily basis will remind us for what we are working on.  It helps to clarify the things that we are confused at and pave a clear path to move forward.

2. Help in Tracking your Progress

As you always update your daily activities in the journal; it helps you to know how much you have progressed in previous time. There comes many times when you tend to forget things you accomplished as success is forgettable. The journal will remind you about your progress and encourage you to move forward.

3. Help to Build Confidence

Sharing positive experiences and achievements always help you to be positive. If you encounter failure in life, you can go through the journal. This will build up your confidence. As you know the mistakes that was made before and had worked over it. You can be more confident and present yourself in an open way.

4. Help to Improve your Writing Skills

While getting connected with your goals, making progress, building confidence and so on, the other thing that the journal writing will do polish your most important skill. You write your daily activities in the journal. It will help sparkle your writing skill. It will give you the idea of selecting correct words while writing.

5. Help in Personal Growth

No matter whether you use journal for personal or professional purpose you will always end up gaining something at the end.  You write each and every strength, weaknesses, achievements, failures and so on. Therefore, you are always aware of what you have and what you don’t which will always help you to grow.

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