5 Major Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

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For some, when it’s time to leave your work is very clear, but for others, it might not be so obvious. As far they do not realize they are unhappy with their job until someone points it out to them, or they realize they spend too much time on, or outside of work being unhappy about their position. It might be a topic at night they think about and get stressed. They consult with friends and family, seeking advice, to validate their reasoning. They know the answer, which is always a change, but the difficult part is to initiate that change.

Here are 5 signs that your job is not a good fit for you anymore, and it’s time to consider how you can either improve or think about leaving.

You are consistently stressed, negative, and unhappy
If you are constantly unhappy or stressed about your work even after the office or before you come to your office by thinking about your work, then you must think of the solution. Either you can cheer up yourself and convince yourself to make your work much easier or think about leaving your work.

You don’t fit in with company culture and you don’t believe in the company anymore
If you feel that there are ethical or moral differences in how the company and you believe the firm should operate, cultural differences, work ethic clashes and so on then it is the sign that you must abandon your workplace and move ahead.

Your company is sinking
If your company is sinking, then it will be difficult for you to establish yourself in that company. It is not necessary that you should always go with the flow of the company. If you don’t see your future bright at your recent company then you may leave.

Your job duties have changed/increased, but the pay has not
When you are handling more job duties and responsibilities, it is your time to show your competency and uniqueness, but when pay is not raised at the same time then it is a problem. You must have a pay raise with the raise in your salary. If you do not get a pay raise with the increment in your job duties, then you must be able to convince your boss or leave the office and find new opportunities.

Your ideas are not being heard
If your ideas are no longer heard or valued; you can't seem to get time with the ‘powers that be’; or you cannot get approvals or acknowledgment to great work, think about finding a new job.

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