How to Stay Focused at Work?

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Staying focused at work leads to increased productivity, making us happier and is a matter of building good habits.

But we cannot deny the fact with constant stream of co-workers, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding attention focusing for eight hours of work is really tough.

It’s normal to get distracted. Because there’s no chance of shutting out the world while you’re busy, it’s all about finding the right techniques, knowing your priorities, and keeping things on track.

1. Manage your time realistically

Set clear goals and have concrete plan to accomplish your task. Always remember to schedule time for interruptions and setbacks. We can set a timer and take a break at the end of each cycle. Unrealistic deadlines and constantly juggling between multiple tasks will only delay your daily “To Do List”

2. Work offline

Most of the disruptions at work comes from email, social network, cell phones and co-workers. Avoid internet when not necessary, limit time on social media, hold hour long chat in instant messenger, put your phone on silent and check email only occasionally every hour.  

Practice the “headphone rule”: no one’s allowed to talk to someone who’s wearing ear gear.

3. Make your computer distraction-free

Be smart enough to use technology for your advantage. Blocking out distracting website of keeping track of how much time you spend surfing the web, other apps can help you stay focused.

Organize folders and files in your PC and ensure its virus free to save you the hassle of checks and repairs.

4. Get your work station organized

Too much piled pending stuff atop your desk can be really distracting. Try and set aside 10 minutes at the end of the day to tidy your work space and deal with outstanding paperwork. You can put the away rest stuff properly in a desk drawer or shelves.

5. Add a deliberate distraction

Attention is a limited resources and distraction are not all bad. Scheduled time slot for distraction that are good for you, such as tea break, walk around, calling your friends or browsing people’s updates in social media.  Remember, you control the distractions.

Just like patience, focus is a skill you can develop.

Experiment with different strategies if you have been struggling to stay focused; set yourself smaller objectives and increase the period over time. 

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