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Kanchan Sky Digital Wireless TV

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“KANCHAN SKY” is a Digital Wireless TV licensed by the government of Nepal under the category of MMDS (Multi-channel, Multi-point Distribution Service). It is transmitted  in Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-S2 format from different parts of Nepal. The project came into operation after much research and deliberation taking all the pertinent Industry environment into account. The project is promoted and run by a team of young and energetic professionals with career achievement backed by an efficient and expert team of middle level management.

MMDS which is popularly known as wireless Digital TV runs in the ultra-high-frequency (Ku-band). The technical architecture of Kanchan Sky is compatible for SD, HD and 4K along with HEVC compression with excellent picture quality. Hence, subscriber could enjoy genre of HD & 4K channels with an international standard that can be offered by none of the existing competitors. The technology is tried and tested and free from all climatic effect including heavy rainfall different from DTH service. Kanchan Sky can serve decent number of 4K resolution Digital TV through wireless eco-system any time better than existing DTH and MSO operator.

MMDS is one of the competing platforms for running Digital TV service among MSO, DTH and IPTV. Kanchan Sky as a MMDS operator is considered to be promising alternative platforms for conventional LCO (Local Cable Operator) spread across the country. Since Government is encouraging wireless environment in the major cities taking upcoming Smart City environment into account, MMDS project could reap the benefit in the succeeding year.

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