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Vairav Technology -- Cyber Defender from the Land of Gurkha 

Vairav Technology, a Cyber Security Firm based in Kathmandu Nepal, helps organization to fight cyber-crime, protect data and reduce security risk. We provide SOC as a Service, Security Testing Service, IS Audit and Cyber Security Consultation.'

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SOC as A Service

SOC-as-a-service, also sometimes referred to as SOC as a service, is a subscription- or software-based service that manages and monitors your logs, devices, clouds, network and assets for internal IT teams. The service provides companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats.

Not all companies can afford to hire in-house cybersecurity experts. For the typical IT department at a small or developing company, managing a software database is a large enough task in and of itself. With SOC-as-a-service, companies don’t have to hire in-house cybersecurity experts to handle today’s advanced cybersecurity threats, because the service is offered remotely by a third-party team of experts who work off-site.

SOC-as-a-service helps enterprises have 24/7 monitoring without having to invest a lot of money in security hardware. Oftentimes, companies make do with hardware systems that are designed to make systems breach-proof yet often fail to deliver on that promise. The fact is, hackers find new ways to breach the most solid, self-contained systems in the modern day, and any company on a network could be at risk without the protection of today’s most advanced, state-of-the-art security services.

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