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The Office of Dipendra Kandel

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The Office of Dipendra Kandel is the first personal office of its kind in Nepal. The office takes an innovative view in its attempts to empower Politics, Government and Society. Through tackling all political, public sector and social issues in Nepal, we take a completely different angle to any office you will come across in the country. Equally as Er. Dipendra Kandel is a public innovator and is an independent politician, Er. Kandel will also praise the state when it is appropriate and as such, this also provides an opportunity for those who are non-partisan as well as partisan. In addition, Er. Dipendra Kandel is an up and coming leader in Nepal and has support from all sides of the country, from ministries, to local governments, and to the general public. 

Er. Dipendra Kandel owns one Company for Aviation Studies in Canada and Dubai. In addition, he has one organization Think Tank for Policy Research and another organization for Social Empowerment in South Asia and East Africa.

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