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NSDEVIL, CO., LTD is a research and development-oriented company that develops future online education and evaluation systems using smart devices, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies. As a creator of Ubiquitous Based Test (UBT) technology, NSD has differentiated technology in learning and education evaluation systems using AI technology and smart devices, such as AI supervisors and AI automatic labeling systems.

1. UBT stands for Ubiquitous-based Test, which is a computerized examination method using smart devices including mobile devices and personal computers.

UBTCLOUD is a cloud service for on/off-line examination with smart devices (PC, smart phones, tablets) that establishes the learning assessment system anywhere. Moreover, It has been optimized for a non face-to-face learning environment.

UBT system is assisted with a simultaneous control on devices stacked up in the Smart Tray, which enables the exam preparation to be fast and simple.

The UBT system features:

  • Increase in the concentration level by examinees through convenient problem-solving processes.
  • Real-time monitoring of exam venues by supervisors and head office.
  • Diversity in questions by applying multimedia materials.
  • Credibility and technical stability proved at national qualification exam organizations.

2. UBLCLOUD is a type of LMS (Learning Management System) and a platform for online learning and its management by delivering learning contents. It is designed to serve online education in the fields of medical & clinical training, and TVET. However, it is not limited to them.

  • Acts as an online repository of the materials and content developed for training (possibly parents/guardians as well)
  • The materials and content should be multimedia - documents, audio and video clippings, images, etc.
  • The access of the end users of the materials and content can be asynchronous meaning the end user can access at their own time (No downloading at the time due to IP issues)
  • The supervisor (company or organization) would need access to usage and download information of end users -- who accessed what, how often and which materials or content were downloaded, etc.
  • The supervisor would have functionality for rolling out a user survey within the platform for end users to share feedback about their experience on the platform and/or how the materials and content have been useful to them.
  • The platform is optimized for low bandwidth areas where internet connections may be unstable and the user experience and interface has to be simple in order for it to be accessible to end users who may not be highly digitally literate.

3. AI Supervisor on UBTCLOUD is a technology that utilizes facial movement recognition to prevent test takers cheating and draw their concentration to the screen.

The AI Supervisor service for analyzing the movements of the subject is implemented in the UBT CLOUD platform. Interwork with UBT REC app to record video and sound to manage test environment.

Cheating pattern detection and data verification through 3D restoration analysis technology and monitoring the density of examinees through their location.

Global test support through NSD CLOUD Infrastructure located in S.Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Finland.

4. UBLMEET is a free video conference service, which enables online meeting anywhere on any device. All you need is to make a conference link and share it. The online conference is at your fingertips. The link once created will be saved and used again anytime you need.

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