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Medi Quest Laboratory Clinic P.Ltd is a A Class certified lab in Nepal with history of more than a decade in providing all pathological testing under one umbrella. It is located in Jawalakhel Chowk and has a staff strength of more than 35 Emplyoees. 

Pioneer in the diagnostic field and being the most reliable Pathology Laboratory of Nepal, Medi Quest Lab sets its footprint for about 7 years aiming to supply qualitative & productive services in Nepal.

Led by entrepreneurs who believe in growth, exploring and adaptation of advance technology benefitting and uplifting the health services in Nepal, Medi Quest Laboratory doesn’t fail to provide excellent services to patients all over Nepal.

­Along with the routine tests, Medi Quest Laboratory also runs Special Tests like Tumor Markers (CA125, CA 19.9, CA 15.3, CEA, PSA, AFP etc.),Hormones Tests (TFT, FSH, LH, PRL, Estrogen, Progesterone, AMH) daily and we also run the test like HLA-B27 (Flow Cytometry), PNH with FLEAR (Flow Cytometry), CMV Viral Load (quantitative) Real Time PCR, BCR/ABL (quantitative) Real Time PCR, Hepatitis B Viral Load (Real Time PCR), Hepatitis C Viral Load (quantitative) Real Time PCR, JAK-2 Mutation (Real Time PCR). Medi Quest Laboratory is probably the one and only laboratory dedicated to cancer diagnosis.

Medi Quest Laboratory also specializes in related tests groups like Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Cytology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Histopathology and many more.

We have also started Flow Cytometry test and Cytogenetics Studies which is first in private organization in Nepal.

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