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Machinery Solutions Nepal is an apogee of top-of-the-line wood-crafting solutions and unparalleled customer service. We formed MSN in 2020, with a mission to provide a humble country office in Nepal for pre-eminent companies of the woodworking industry. This formulation has helped fast-track customer requirements with over seventy set-ups all over Nepal now.

We at MSN have aligned with the visions of brands that are the best in their endeavors: Nihar Industries - for woodworking requirements, Umisons - for wood joinery, and Accutec tooling systems - as providers of world-class CNC tools. All three Indian brands had been independently dealing in Nepal in the past decade. Our affiliation bridged the gap proving to be a one-stop solution for sales of machines, spares, raw materials needed for production, and after-sales services.  

A trusted solution for leading plywood factories and craft suppliers of Nepal, we at MSN believe in ensuring you obtain the best value for money. Our enthusiastic and committed team works tirelessly to uphold safety standards, ensure optimal performance requirements, and provide prompt and reliable customer care. 

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Machinery Solutions Nepal is a comprehensive solution for all your wood crafting requirements rangin

  1. Machine Sales: We supply and install the most extensive range of wood-crafting machines that are pulled out of the catalog to meet your exact requirements, be it wood cutting, polishing, pressing, fabrication or engraving. We never compromise on safety standards and bring cutting-edge technology to meet your unique production requirement. We are always on a hunt for innovation and increasing our quality levels. 

  1. After-Sales Services: Guaranteeing maintenance for optimal performance of your machinery, MSN is the front-runner in after-sales support. Equipped with a team of dedicated and certified engineers available all over Nepal 24x7, we take pride in our prompt services and assistance. We live by the principle: saving time is saving money!  

  1. Spare Parts: When it comes to saving time, we at MSN are committed to giving you reliable services that don’t fall back on irregular imports. With a wide range of spares already in stock, we can source spare parts for your machinery at the earliest without compromising on standards.

  1. Furnishing Tools: We assess the ad-hoc requirements to run machines and bring out a range of premium-quality tools by Accutec. We provide CNC tools for cutting machines. On the other hand, the provision of membrane doors entails us to furnish raw materials such as Silicon sheets and PVC sheets. 

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Trading - Export / Import / Merchandising

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Chamati, KAthmandu

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