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KTK-BELT ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States in 2014 to catalyze new models of biodiversity conservation and environmental learning in eastern Nepal. Its mission is to work with teachers, farmers, youth, and women to create a ‘Vertical University’ that will span from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary (67 m.) to Kanchenjunga (8,586 m.), the third tallest peak in the world. The core objective is to give a framework to local farmers to become ‘professors’ of the Vertical University in order to teach their vast indigenous knowledge to the new generation while conserving threatened species and landscapes. KTK-BELT works with non-profit cooperatives based in rural municipalities called ‘Learning Grounds.’ Each Learning Grounds, governed by a diverse local Board, owns its own biodiversity-rich conservation land base, which it holds in perpetuity in order to prevent ecosystem fragmentation and deforestation. Local BELT Youth Fellows, trained by KTK-BELT staff, run and administer the Learning Grounds.

To support the KTK-BELT, we have Vertical Biodiversity Fund (VBF), a registered local non-profit company based in the Eastern Region of Nepal. The Vertical Farm is a brand for organic agro-products launched by the Vertical Biodiversity Fund (VBF).

We are working with farmers, youth, and local communities across this vertical gradient to grow organic and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Our farms also operate as demonstration hubs or resource centers for local rural farmers.

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KTK-BELT Project

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KTK-BELT Project

Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal
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