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Kantipur Feed (Pvt). Ltd. 33 years old manufacturing company produces the poultry feed from its factory located in Bhaktapur Industrial Area, Byasi, Bhaktapur. It has got some credits in bringing up the poultry industry in todays' shape and size. Its directors are one of the top 10 in the vertical integration system of poultry genetics and business network. This manufacturing unit is one of their 8 ventures in poultry network and second in their line but this company acts as a heart to their total system.

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Kantipur Feed

Senior Account Officer

Kantipur Feed

Key Skills: Accounting Time Management Account Management MS Excel
More than or equal to 5 years
NRs. 30,000.00 - 35,000.00 Monthly
Byasi, Bhaktapur Industrial Area Sallaghari - Kamalbinayak …
Kantipur Feed

Account Assistant

Kantipur Feed

Key Skills: Analytical Account Management MS Excel Account Coordination
More than or equal to 2 years
NRs. 22,000.00 - 25,000.00 Monthly
Bhaktapur Industrial Area, Byasi, Bhaktapur - 44800
Feed Manufacturing and Live Bird Marketing
Kantipur Feed Pvt LTD manufactures varieties of animal feed and feed supliments. Basically they produce feed for poultry (Broilers and Layers ). They distribute their product through various dealer network bot doesn't embarrass some small farmers who directly approach them for seeking theri product. As an asset to the farmers, the company takes responsibility to buy back the final product of the farmers and distributs it to the live chicken market with 100% cash back assurance to farmers.
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Poultry / Dairy / Veterinary

Company Size
50 - 100 employees

Bhaktapur Industrial Area, Byasi, Bhaktapur - 44800

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