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Human Development Center is a newly established organization established with the vision to facilitate research into development schemes of local, federal and central government so as to ensure effective governance as per the demand of the state. The organization will primarily provide services as consulting firm and will work for reform in areas related to community education, Infrastructure development, primary health,  and tourism sector.  The center will conduct various programs, seminar, training and research for awareness among general public and will act as pressure group advocating research based development program all across the state.

We will further offer to different level of government our services to maximize available resources to them by providing subject specific data collected and gathered through experts of related discipline. The organization will bring together both government and public sector under single roof to ensure strong public-private partnership.

The center ever since its establishment has been able to conduct trainings in collaboration of different municipalities, provincial government and civil society from around the Nepali state. Trainings and facilitation of services has added value to service sector in the field of education, agriculture, health and more importantly the overall infrastructure development of the state. Programs supervised and monitored by Human Development Center has delegated wide range of skills among participants of various sectors that has ultimately helped them develop professional attitudes within themselves.

The center looks forward to conduct extensive research in upcoming days in order to recognize potential sectors of development for overall development of province number two.

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Human Development Center

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Human Development Center

Janakpurdham, Wakil Tole- Ward Number 1 , Janakpurdham, - Ward Number 7 , Janakpurdham, province number -2
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