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Dalit Jan–Kalyan Youth Club (DJKYC) is a social development organization established in Lahan Municipality Ward No.-10 Gudigaw, formed by dalits which has been continuously implementing Dalit Empowerment campaigns after getting its legally registration in 2001 in activeness of dalit youths, DJKYC, organizing Right-based campaign programs like grouping meeting, discussion, workshop, interaction, training, opposition, slogan, rally and unviewed for social justice along public advocacy on Dalits collective issues eg. Caste-based discrimination and untouchables, mainly issues of rights and rights related to Human Rights with Dalits, poor, Women and children has been promoting through ever circulating result oriented campaign of them. In that's way, it has been circulating awareness campaign, empowerment campaign and income generating. Dalit Jan kalyan Youth club has targeted transformation of current conflict of country in peace, conflict victim women, men and children for awareness generating  campaign, skill Development training for income generating, organizing for peace through group formation and mobilization and micro-finance program. It has been affiliated in SWC (social weffare council) at 2001 and in Eastern Region Dalit NGO federation (DNF) at 2003.

Vision :

·        Building of caste-base and gender discrimination relief social, empowerment,

·        Human Rights and good governance progressive, equity society.

Mission :

   To guard rights of Dalit, women and children and human rights through  empowering Campaign by  conflict management and skill building according  to needs in related areas/sector for establishment of social just peaceful equity society and by organizing and rising to back warded and right deprived Dalit since years poor and disadvantaged family and mobilizing pressure group.

Goal :  

         To promote for peace, development, social transformation and establishment of equity society along  financial enlistment by implementing saving and credit mobilization, education, awareness, human  right, social justice and skill development training.


           DJKYC has designed following objectives to achieve its own goal.

F     To implement campaign against caste-base discrimination and untouchability.

F     To implement Dalit empowerment program for sustainable peace.

F     To advocate for social justice.

F     To work needed in sectors of awareness, security of human rights, development of Republican society and good governance.

F     To organize Youth, Dalit and disadvantage group women and men in equity society building for social transformation.

F     To guide Dalit and disadvantage family for access incensement in resources and means and for management of reservation.

F     To attempt alleviation of domestic women violence existing in society, doorway, witch custom, child marriage and Multi-marriage tradition, conservation through women empowerment group.

F     To enroll Dalit, disadvantaged and conflict victim family's children participating in child class through "Rights of all in Education" program.

F     To mobilization financial credit and saving in low interest rate implementing "Micro-finical program" by group for poverty alleviation in rural area and organizing stilled training of Dalit and disadvantage women group.

F     To circulate result-oriented program for right of Dalit and conflict victim group according to need.

Program Implementation Strategy :

F     To utilize program in community by planning with coordination of NGO, INGOs & Local stakeholders.

F     To manage properly for regular evaluation Monitoring and supervision at period of implementing program with coordination of sonar organization .

F     To form and mobilize group / organization for capacity building in direct participation of target community personnel's .

F     To advocate in side of target community for their right adoption.

F     To conduct Right – base program for access in resource and means by coordinating directly eighth beneficiaries group of community.

F     To collect and mobilize regular saving for improvement of social & economical status eighth medium of group.


Future Planning for Capacity Building :

F      Community, Origination and mobilization

F     Ownership alienation to community.

F     Affiliation of target community in group.

F     To organize right base training and work shop forming network of organized groups.

F     To provide equal opportunity in several activities for capacity Building of community .

Target Group :

F     Dalit, Poor, Women & Children

F     Conflict victim family.

F    Youth and Adoleschense

F    Harwa Harawa community


Supervision, Monitoring and evaluation :

F     By site / location visiting of target area/

F     By group meeting , gathering, discussion.

F     By interacting with stakeholders.

F     By personal meeting & discussion.

F     Evaluating outcomes through public Audit, workshop, review meeting.

F     Letting evaluation & monitoring of effectiveness and transparency of program through PRRP.


who will  implement?

F     stakeholders,

F     Beneficiaries community,

F     Member  of  Executive Board  of  organization  ,

F     Representatives  of Donor Agency or organization,

F     Local Agency    and Administration


Experience  and working capacity  of organization  ( Shade value) :

F     This organization has experience that institution   formation according to right based approach   (RBA) , networking  and campaignize programs for Dalits'  rights have  been more effectively , result -oriented   and successful. This  organization  has following functional  capacity:

F     Having advocacy  training  received Human   Resource.

F     Having capacity to form network and organize meeting , discussion  , interaction, workshop and so on .

F     Having HR for implementing  or conducting workshop.

F     Having women legal literacy training (TOT) received   resource.

F      Having conflict management or transformation training (TOT) taken trainer.

F     Having attendance of Micro Finance Program implementing capable resources/HR.


Local Right Program 36 funding by Action Aid International Nepal
The Dalit JanKalyan Yuba Club Lahan and Action Aid International Nepal have been working since 1 January 2015, the Local Right program 36.

The BEACON project funding by Water Aid Nepal
The Water Aid Nepal and DJKYC, are working together in WASH sector through BEACON project.

Harawa Charawa Enpowerment program funding by the Freedom Fund
The Freedom Fund and Dalit JanKalyan Yuba Club Lahan, have been working since 2018 to liberate with rehabiliatation.
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