Technical and Procurement Expert


Technical and Procurement Expert

Provincial Support Programme (PSP) is a joint initiative of the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Nepal with Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (OCMCM) of Province 1 as an executing agency. PSP is supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The project duration is 01.02.2020 to 31.01.2024.The Consortium of PwC Switzerland (PwC AG) and PwC India (PwC PL), through Programme Management and Implementation Supports Consultants (PMISC) is supporting OCMCM to implement the programme. The overall goal of PSP is to support the Government of Nepal to strengthening federalism through well-functioning institutions, systems and processes. In order to supplement PMISC team, PSP/ PwC is now seeking applications from qualified and experienced Nepali Nationals for the following full-time positions based in Biratnagar.

Provincial Support Programme (PSP) is a joint initiative of the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Nepal with Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (OCMCM) of Province 1 as an executing agency. PSP is supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The project duration is 01.02.2020 to 31.01.2024.The Consortium of PwC Switzerland (PwC AG) and PwC India (PwC …

Technical and Procurement Expert

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Context and Programme: 

Transition to a well-functioning federal system will be a longer-term, organic process. The implementation of the federal Constitution (2015) is not solely a technical but inherently a political negotiation process. Moreover, it is a prerequisite for sustainable development that is an essential part of sustained peace process in Nepal. This requires political sensitivity and continued political engagement, particularly in processes where new inter-governmental relations are concerned. 

The multi-level system of governance as envisaged by the Constitution of Nepal relies on the principles of cooperation, coordination and co-existence among the different tiers of government. Due to the ongoing and still unclear sequencing of federal implementation processes, contributing to the effective inter-governmental relations between vertical and horizontal tiers of government is essential for the consolidation and functioning of federalism. Building of inclusive institutions, governance systems and processes, often being built from zero, will be the major task and challenge for Nepal in the years to come.

Harnessing Switzerland’s long-standing record of cooperation with Nepal and its extensive experience in consensus-oriented, inclusive multi-level governance systems, the Swiss Cooperation Office in Nepal is launching a new Province Support Programme (PSP).  The PSP will be implemented from Feb 2020 till Jan 2024 with the intent to support the Government of Nepal in its transition to federalism at the Province level.  It focuses mainly on institution building in order to enhance the service delivery functions and accountability of new province institutions towards their citizens thus catalyzing more inclusive development and poverty reduction in Nepal. 

The Programme comprises three principal components that include:

  • (Outcome 1) strengthening of Province 1’s policy making, administrative, fiscal management and service delivery functions; 
  • (Outcome 2) building of inter-governmental strategic partnerships between local and province level authorities through prioritized development projects; and
  • (Outcome 3) working with province government and legislative authorities to enhance their accountability towards their constituencies, namely fostering greater inclusion of women and disadvantaged groups in decision making processes. 

While encouraging strong inter-governmental coordination at all levels, PSP’s support activities are concentrated in Province 1 where elected government authorities, line ministries and the Province Assembly will be the programme’s focal institutional counterparts.  Primary engagement modalities of the Program involve provision of targeted technical assistance and hands mentorship support to Province 1’s government (PG) authorities; development and provision of customized capacity/training packages; contribution of seed funding for select PG and Local governments strategic partnerships and natural resource projects; as well as comprehensive budget support for Province 1 related to institution building and service delivery as per its concurrent and exclusive rights.

To ensure the maximum ownership of the programme , OCMCM has established Programme Management Unit (PMU) for day-to-day management and implementation of the Programme.  The PMU is headed by the Secretary of Governance Reform Division of Office of the Chief Minister and council of minister as Programme Director. Government of Switzerland will provide financial and technical assistance to the provincial government through the Programme Management and Implementation Support Consultants (PMISC). The PMISC is attached to the PMU. Team Leader of the PMISC serves as the Programme Manager. S/He executes the programme under the supervision and direction of the Secretary of Governance Reform Division (Programme Director). The PMISC is headed by a Team Leader who supervises five core thematic experts and a pool of technical consultants hired on a as-needed basis.  Strategic steering of the Programme will be guided by higher level Province Steering and other Coordination Committees. 

To assist the implementation of the programme, PSP/PwC is recruiting a team of professional, dedicated, and qualified experts for PMISC. These terms of reference specifically correspond to the specified full-time positions based in Biratnagar, Province 1.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Working closely with and under the direction of the PMU, Programme Director, the Programme Manager, the Technical and Procurement Expert will provide technical assistance (TA) related to the enhancement of province authorities’ strategic development planning, service delivery and implementation systems, procedures and building of capacities as per Provinces’ exclusive and concurrent rights. In this context, the Technical and Procurement Expert will be responsible for:

  • Overall provision of technical leadership, problem solving and supervision in the successful implementation of inputs and Outputs 1.4, 2.1, 2.2 as per programme’s logical framework;
  • Technically advising and overseeing consultants/ experts in the preparation of studies, writing of Development Project Reports (DPRs) and implementing transparent, simplified procurement procedures for selected development, strategic partnership and service delivery projects;
  • Identifying expertise/ consultancy needs and implementing recruitment processes for the successful implementation of assigned outputs;
  • Technically supporting Province government/ National Natural Resource Council in the creation of the data/project bank for natural resources and natural resource allocation mechanism;
  • Providing conceptual inputs into the design and implementation of the Integrated Province digital data management and monitoring system;
  • Supports SCC working groups in policy alignment, inter-governmental coordination and advocacy initiatives with federal level on SG-LG legislative/ policy issues.
  • Supervising the design and implementation of training modules on strategic planning, DPR writing, project/ service delivery monitoring and supervision and other topics as needed;
  • Developing the highest quality of internal Programme monitoring and evaluation, reporting and communication systems, in line with SDC’s rules, regulations and requirements;
  • Compiling periodic, annual and semi-annual progress reports as requested by the PD and PM; 
  • Cooperating with other SCO’s sectoral programs to find programmatic synergies that optimize development impact of SCO’s portfolio;
  • Jointly with PM ensuring donor-coordination in the planning of new development projects, strategic partnerships; 
  • Supporting the PMU in the development of OCM’s web-based database, knowledge management platform for data collection, reporting, and integration; 
  • Collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data to measure the performance, impact,
  • Supervising program evaluations and assessments throughout the program management cycle.
  • Ensuring that Programme’s implementation successes and best practices are well documented, institutionalized and disseminated in province level and local institutions;
  • Supporting the PM in all administrative and day-to-day management of mentioned activities;
  • Ensuring highest ethical standards for programme’s implementation in line with SDC’s Ethical Code of Conduct for Programme implementing partners.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A University Degree in engineering (civil, structural/architectural) urban planning/ development planning and at least 15 years practical experience in implementing development and public service delivery projects in Nepal, ideally in infrastructure and natural resource management at sub-national level. 
  • Has sound legislative and applied knowledge on Nepal's development planning, urban/spatial planning, strategic development planning issues, concepts and realities. 
  • Demonstrated experience in working closely with government authorities in supervising DPR drafting, transparent procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes in public service delivery contexts.  
  • Technical knowledge on procurement methods, aggregated data collection to track social and economic programme impacts; cost-benefit analyses; etc. Excellent organizational, writing and analytical skills in drafting concept notes, DPRs and reports.  
  • Ability to apply sound judgment in planning own work, working under high pressure, managing conflicting priorities with ability to assume leadership and work under minimum supervision. 
  • Demonstrated track record of cooperating with multiple stakeholders, supervising expert teams from a wider range of disciplines and fields.  
  • Takes responsibility for incorporating gender and social inclusion perspectives in all areas of work.  Fluency to write and verbally communicate English is required.

Terms and Conditions for Employment :

Full-time position contracted for the project period subject to annual renewal with onset 6-month probation period. Competitive salary to be negotiated.

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