Political Economy Analyst/ Specialist
Sajhedari - Support to Federalism (STF)

The USAID/Nepal Sajhedari - Support to Federalism (STF) project is a six-year technical assistance project that aims to support the Government of Nepal (GoN) in the transition from a unitary state to a three-tiered federal system. This support will be focused on achievement of the following objectives:

1: The GoN creates sound policies and legislation that empower, finance and regulate provincial and municipal governments;

2: Provincial and municipal governments are more responsive, accountable, transparent and effective; and

3: Citizens and civil society organizations in the target municipalities are more involved in local decision-making and oversight.

Political Economy Analyst/ Specialist

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Period Days: 30 to 35 days

About Your Contribution

Overall Purpose: 

The overall objective of the assignment is to inform Sajhedari-STF to understand the political-economic context of federalism implementation at the federal and provincial level relating to the project objectives. The PEA is expected to provide high-level contextual analysis and top-level recommendations for operations in the target provinces (Provinces 5 and Sudurpaschim). The report will be used to inform policy research activities and the Sajhedari STF adaptive management plan. Therefore the report should explain a) the political economy of Federalism implementation in Nepal and the opportunities and challenges to achieve the project objectives and b) how support for STF may pose risks in terms of creating new or exacerbating existing conflicts at Community, District, Palika or Provincial level. 

Specific deliverables include;

i. An Inception report within 7 days after signing the contract.

  • PEA methods and tools
  • Data collection, analysis framework and field plan
  • Team composition

ii. A Draft report that includes the following information;

  • What are the political opportunities and barriers for local governments to be more responsive, inclusive, accountable, transparent and effective?
  • What are the political barriers and opportunities for the active participation of citizens and civil society organizations in such processes and why?
  • Based on an initial understanding of the target provinces, identify potential political and conflict dynamics that may affect, and be affected by, the STF
  • Based on the identification of potential challenges, propose potential scenarios and recommended mitigation plans/strategies including GESI perspectives.
  • Recommend appropriate indicators to MEL Director to measure political and conflict sensitivity in the MEL plan; 
  • Deliver a final report focused on the points mentioned above.  The draft report will be submitted to MEL Director and Chief of Party and will be quality assured by HQ Project Director.

iii. Final PEA report incorporating inputs from STF team.

The consultant will work with the STF Project management team and consortium partners (as required) while developing the inception report to ensure mitigation of conflict and political risk that have negative impact on STF activities.

About You

  • 5-7 year work experience on Governance and Political Research having Master Degree in social science
  • Demonstrable experience conducting similar such assessments, preferably in Nepal or in the region, and will preferably have knowledge of the Governance and/or Federalism (Governance, International relations etc) sectors
  • Knowledge of risk management plans and mitigation strategies in relevant areas
  • Fluent English language skills
  • Excellent writing abilities in English
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

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