MD - GP Doctor
Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Hospital

The Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital (MNNMH) was launched in 2011 by Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Foundation (MNNMF) with the broad objective of providing basic and advanced health services to the general people all over the country. It has been established with the major objective that none of the Nepali citizens shall lack health services due to poor economic status.

The Foundation was established in honour of late Mahendra Narayan Nidhi, an inspirational and non-violent personality who was an esteemed leader with unforgettable contributions to the history of Nepal’s democratic movement. This hospital was established with the aim of providing perpetual services and sustaining the contributions of Mr. Nidhi by the effort of this Institute. The community hospital is managed by a Cooperative. This Hospital is in a Community Co-operative model.

MD - GP Doctor

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न्युनतम याेग्यता:

  • MDGP काे course complete गरी NMC मा दर्ता भएकाे ।
  • Emergency मा काम गरेकाे अनुभव प्राप्तलाइ प्राथमिकता दिइनेछ


  • सवै पदहरूकाे लागि अावेदन दिने अन्तिम मिति कार्तिक ३० गते बेलुकी ४ वजे सम्म हुनेछ
  • भनसुन वा टेलिफाेन बाट प्रभाव पार्न खाेजेमा अमान्य हुनेछ
  • सेवा सुविधाहरू अस्पतालकाे नियमानुसार हुनेछ।

Applying Procedure:

दक्ष उम्मेदवारहरूले कार्तिक ३० भित्र पासपाेर्ट साइजकाे फाेटाे, बायाेडाटा, कार्य अनुभव, तालिम प्रमाणपत्रहरू सहित निवेदन पेश गर्नुहुन याे सुचना प्रकाशन गरिएकाे छ ।

दरखास्त बुझाउने ठेगाना:

महेन्द्रनारायण निधि मेमाेरियल अस्पताल
बसुन्धरा, काठमाण्डाै
फाेन नं. ०१-४३८३९५७, ४३८०५०६


This job is expired.

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