Vertical Biodiversity Fund

Legal and Administrative Coordinator

Vertical Biodiversity Fund

Legal and Administrative Coordinator

The Vertical Biodiversity Fund (VBF) is a non-profit company (a hybrid entity) based in the Eastern Region of Nepal registered in 2017. We are working with farmers, youth, and local communities across a vertical gradient from Koshi Tappu to Kanchenjunga to protect the natural environment and to support farmers to grow organic and nutritious fruits and vegetables. In collaboration with KTK-BELT, the goal of the VBF is to become the Nepali operational entity to run the “Vertical University project” in collaboration with other local partners and stakeholders. 

Legal and Administrative Coordinator

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Duty Station: Dharan (with travel to project sites and Kathmandu)
Duration: 1 Year (with 3 month initial trial period)
Contract Type: Staff

Position Description

The Legal and Administrative Coordinator role with the VBF is a senior position for someone with strong credentials in law, public administration, NGO sector work, Office of Company Registrar (OCR) work, SWC compliance, field operations, and HR management.  Working under the leadership and direction of the board, guided by the VBF Legal and Finance Directors/Auditors, the incumbent will be required to handle all legal, administrative and NGO and OCR compliance matters, in consultation and coordination with the organizational Finance team.  

The incumbent shall have the highest degree of caste and gender sensitivity and be able to foster trust and teamwork while also elevating the administrative and legal standards applied across all corners of the organization.   Women, Janjati, Dalit and members of other marginalized groups strongly encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities Relating to Legal Compliance & Government Relations

  • Understand and ensure that the organization is following the following laws, directives, policies and agreements: Companies Act, 2063 & its Directive, 2072; Social Welfare Act, 2049 & its Rules 2049; Income Tax Act, 2058 & its Rules 2059; Labour Act 2074 & its Rules 2075; Project Agreement Directive (Third Amendment), 2071; Project Agreement concluded by KTK-BELT INC with Social Welfare Council; VBF Financial Policy; VBF Human Resource Policy; Other prevailing applicable laws
  • Draft new policies as seen appropriate by the organization
  • Ensure that the annual documents has been submitted to the Office of Company Registrar and update letter has been obtained in time
  • Under the direction of the legal/finance directors, ensure compliance with all SWC rules, regulations, and notices in collaboration with KTK-BELT (donor party) and other partners 
  • Stay current with evolving SWC and OCR rules, regulations, bulletins, and procedures and ensure the VBF is staying compliant within the fast changing regulatory landscape
  • Monitor compliance with Project Agreement (PA) and guide/advise the board staff, consultants, and partners on PA compliance issues
  • Ensure that all labour laws are being properly adhered to, and alert the board, staff, consultants, and partners to any changes in the law as relevant to the VBF
  • Develop a comprehensive government relations calendar for VBF and field sub-partners  and ensure that the calendar is being followed
  • Coordinate MPAC meetings and Gaunsabha presentations and ensure MPAC meetings are properly coordinated for all implementing partners
  • Ensure that all organizational policies (Board Policy, HR Policy, Finance Policy, Internet Usage Policy, Fixed Asset Policy, etc) are being followed

Board Related Work 

  • Drafting progress reports to Rural Municipalities and wards where the VBF works on a quarterly basis 
  • Ensure that job and other annual notices as required by the SWC are posted in Gaunpalika Notice Board
  • Ensure that all reporting work is being done on time and as per the guidelines
  • Board policy drafting facilitation 
  • Board calendar organizing 
  • Providing necessary updates to the Board, and ensuring that the Board is being supported to carry out its functions 
  • Monitoring of Board Activities to ensure that they are in line with the policies and other governing laws
  • Training and capacity building of legal and compliance dimensions for the Board – drafting and delivering of presentations

Procurement Related

  • Manage overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of procurement for goods and services
  • Implement procurement strategies to maintain security of supply and optimum value for money
  • Perform all procurement and contracting activities including pre-qualification, tender management, negotiation, and preparation of contracts
  • Set policy and guidelines for cost effective procuring and delivery process
  • Develop key relationships with stakeholders and suppliers to improve the procurement process
  • Implement change and develop new strategies and procedures to improve the procurement process
  • Initiate negotiations of contract with suppliers to acquire best prices and services
  • Recognize cost reduction opportunities to procure the goods and services at the desirable prices to meet the financial goals.
  • Perform market and delivery trends analysis to improve procurement technologies and processes that shall support the current trends
  • Guide and support the Procurement Committee of the project in purchasing the goods and services for the project conforming to the PRR then in force and approved exceptions related to the fast track mode of construction and procurement.

Fleet Management:

  • Develop weekly/monthly field travel schedules, coordinating between program staff and drivers to allocate use of vehicles
  • Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, manage the pool of vehicles including their service, repair and maintenance
  • Managing drivers so they adhere to strict schedules.
  • Registering and licensing all vehicles under their management.
  • Monitor vehicle logbooks on a weekly basis
  • Developing strategies for greater fuel efficiency.
  • Maintaining detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection.
  • Complying with Nepal Government laws and regulation relating to transport
  • Scheduling regular vehicle maintenance to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Ensure all vehicle requests are approved by the donor agency budget and that all requests follow safety protocols
  • Ensuring strict servicing and maintenance times to minimize downtime and maintain schedules
  • Utilizing GPS systems to monitor drivers and track vehicles in case of theft.

Safety and Security:

  • Contribute to developing a safety and security culture within the mission by addressing and helping staff to address safety and security related issues
  • Ensure that security planning becomes an integral part of day-to-day operations and is integrated into the development of future programs
  • Assist with the strategic and operational analysis and assessments, and with the refinement of program strategies
  • Perform security risk assessments or evaluation missions to the field and regularly review safety and security procedures
  • Ensure the team is meeting minimum standards and complying with policies and procedures.
  • Develop and regularly update the Safety and Security Management Plan and tools in accordance with the nature of safety and security risks (inc. detailed threat assessment, security protocols, standard operating procedures for personal movement & transport, office, warehouse, tele/radio communications, incident report sheets, etc asset protection).
  • Develop appropriate safety and security protocols depending on the nature of specific threats
  • Ensure safety and security dimensions are factored into all operational activities such as programming (including budget), advocacy, and communication
  • Assist managers in enhancing standards in relation to safety and security
  • Ensure field staff knows how to identify health risks in the region, how to protect against illness, injury, and stress, and how to obtain proper support or medical treatment.
  • Work with administrative / logistics staff to ensure appropriate steps are taken to safeguard office premises, equipment, and residential property (guards, locks, lighting, alarms, and fire equipment)
  • Develop a network of contacts among local actors to facilitate work and enhance the security of its operations
  • Organize and circulate relevant safety and security information to the staff and provide an opportunity for employees to voice Safety and/or Security-related concerns
  • Coordinate training in safety and security ensuring that staff have the necessary equipment and are trained accordingly
  • Ensure that project proposals and operational plan budgets include safety and security plans.
  • Ensure that all incoming visitors receive a security briefing and information
  • Ensure all staff understand and fulfill individual and collective responsibilities for safety and security
  • Supervise and enforce (including disciplinary action where necessary) compliance safety and security standards and procedures

Program Administration 

  • Draft a yearly workplan based for VBF in coordination with KTK-BELT and technical staff 
  • Ensure that all MEL framework is being followed and adopted
  • Monitor the ongoing project work in different VBF work sites

Oversee all HR related duties

  • Approve leave requests in collaboration with the Project Lead
  • Draft staff, consultant, contracts, TORs, and other related documents
  • Coordinate insurances including staff medical and accidental, property and asset
  • Review staff performance and schedule appraisals
  • Notify staff regarding safety and security issues, holidays, pandemics, bands
  • Maintain zoho people HR platform
  • Approve travel requests after review
  • Alert Co-Directors on the ending of contracts/ insurances and other staff related issues
  • Monitor progress reports and staff working hours
  • Yearly labour audit within six months of fiscal year end
  • Assist in new hire interviews
  • Posting and recruiting on merojobs and hireselect
  • Assist in proper induction for new employees
  • Follow proper procedure for obtaining quotations from contractors and other consultants
  • Ensure IT consultant provides email IDs and website changes to reflect the organogram 
  • Ensure proper drafting of HR policies with compliance with labour laws and the GoN
  • Facilitate the receipt of visa for expats and also team members traveling abroad
  • Ensure smooth air travel management, visa assistance, travel insurance and accommodation
  • Plan on any hires, assist with the hiring process, induction etc.
  • International staff visa and work permit execution
  • Conflict resolution
  • Flag any inconsistencies in attendance or performance from Team members
  • Based on the work hours, activity reports and attendance submit payment to the employee 

Reporting work

  • Coordinate reporting to Rural Municipalities and Wards on a quarterly basis through coordination with the regional program teams (Upper Belt, Middle Belt and Lower Belt)
  • Provide quarterly report to donor organizations

Key Qualifications/Special Skills and Experience

  • LLM or Masters of Public Administration A MUST. LLB with substantial relevant experience will be considered
  • Bar certification a substantial plus
  • 7+ years experience in similar role carrying out similar functions as described in TOR for reputed organizations
  • Complete fluency in written and spoken English and Nepali a must
  • Excellent, Professional Nepali typing ability a must  (please do not apply if you cannot type in Nepali as there will be a typing test)
  • Highest degree of gender and caste sensitivity is a must
  • Prior track record of successful work performance working in NGO sector a must
  • Highest degree of personal integrity
  • Sound physical health
  • Highly professional with strong interpersonal skills

TimingThe initial contract shall be for 3 months on a probationary/trial basis
Remuneration: Commensurate with Experience, includes a competitive benefits package 

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