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About Program

Mero Job Limited, in collaboration with Google LLC, is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for the Google Career Certificates scholarship program. This initiative targets Nepalese individuals with a genuine interest in advancing their competencies and qualifications, particularly in the dynamic IT and technology sectors, and aims to provide global competencies to equip them with the necessary skills to thrive in today's competitive job market. The program seeks to admit a cohort of up to 500 learners for a comprehensive six-month online training in Google Certified Career Courses.

Participants will have access to a diverse range of specialized courses, each tailored to meet the demands of high-growth industries. Learners will have the flexibility to select courses that align with their career aspirations. In addition to receiving complimentary access to the course, learners will also be granted recurring webinar invitations to enable real-time interactions in Nepalese context with industry experts.

Furthermore, upon course completion, Merojob will offer complementary career counselling services, including career counselling session, resume writing & interview preparation session, and more.

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Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for monitoring and protecting information and systems.

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Data Analytics

Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions.

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Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Digital marketers use online tools to reach customers. E-commerce specialists grow online sales.

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IT Support

IT Specialists troubleshoot problems so computers and networks run correctly.

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Google Project Management

Project managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value.

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Google UX Design

UX designers make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use.

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Selection criteria :
The minimum selection criteria for the applicants are given below:
  • Age : Above 18 years
  • Profile Completeness: at least 90% profile completeness at
  • Education: Priority will be given to individuals with backgrounds in Information and/or Business courses.
  • Experience: Does not require any prior experience.
  • Priority shall be given to economically backward class or marginalized group.
Pre-requisite for enrollment:
Upon selection, learners must have/be:
  • A reliable Internet Connectivity
  • A working Computer (Laptop/desktop etc.)
  • A strong command of the English language listening is essential, as the course is fully designed in English.
  • Computer literate and able to use the learning platform efficiently.
Among various adventures, here's key highlights:
  • Complimentary access to the course, as per your convenient time
  • Recurring webinar invitations for real-time interactions with industry experts
  • Upon course completion and certificates, you will receive career counselling services like resume writing training, interview preparation assistance and job placement support for the most deserving candidate.


  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on their responses to the questions
  • The response will undergo a plagiarism check, and if it is determined that the content is not an original creation by you, your application will be declined.
  • Canvassing at any stage of the selection process shall lead to the disqualification of the applicant for enrollment.
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    Complete the online certificate program on your own terms.

    Learn at your own pace

    Complete the online certificate program on your own terms.

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    Make your resume competitive with a credential from Google.

    A path to in-demand jobs

    Connect with top employers who are currently hiring.

    Ready to get on the fast track to in-demand jobs with reputed company?

    Mero Job Limited and Google LLC do not charge fees at any stage, neither during the selection process (viz. application, shortlisting, selection, orientation, or any other stage), nor after completion of the course.

    The deadline for application is 23:55 hrs. Saturday, May 25, 2024.

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