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Published Date : Jul 28, 2023
Deadline : Aug. 22, 2023, 5 p.m.
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Media Fellowship - Terms of Reference

                              Media Fellowship - Terms of Reference

                Active Citizenship through Inclusive Volunteering and Empowerment


           Media Fellowship for Stories of Change Documentation and Dissemination 

1. Background  

VSO is the world’s leading independent, international development organization that works through  blend of community, national and international volunteers. VSO is working in Nepal since 1964 to  improve the lives of impoverished people, particularly focusing on marginalized groups, vulnerable  women and girls. We believe that people are the key to overcoming poverty, and that is why we work  through Volunteering for Development Approach that people are empowered, public services are  inclusive and accessible and decisions makers are held to account.  

VSO is implementing the ACTIVE (Active Citizens through Inclusive Volunteering and Empowerment)  project which is funded by FCDO. The project aims to contribute to developing more inclusive, open,  resilient, and gender equitable societies by making positive contribution in resilient livelihoods  (promotion of agro-ecology and Right to Food Advocacy and its localization), health (equitable and  accessible health systems strengthening), inclusive education (and youth (engagement and  leadership). This multiyear project works with both CSO and Government level platforms and  mechanisms.  

The ACTIVE project is in its second year of implementation started from 2022. In the second year of  its implementation, there is a plan to collaborate with potential media house to specifically capture  the changes stories of primary actors, and also at intermediary actors level and make a proper  dissemination of such stories from media platforms. This ToR is prepared to provide specific and detailed information on how VSO would like to do such a partnership with media for stories of change  documentation and dissemination. The below sections provide the needful details. 

2. Project Information 

2.1 Overall goal of ACTIVE  

Goal of the ACTIVE programme is to promote “More inclusive, open, resilient, and gender equitable  societies”.  

2.2 Outcomes  

Outcome 1: Improved active citizenship by the marginalized and vulnerable local people as  well as local volunteers 

Outcome 2: Improved access and delivery of quality services in health, education and  livelihoods for marginalized and vulnerable local people.

Outcome 3: Increased uptake and application of Global Standard for Volunteering by relevant  stakeholders, locally and globally, for citizen-led development programmes. 

Outcome 4: Improved evidence of and understanding on the effectiveness of the volunteering  for development approach in citizens' empowerment and system's accountability. 

2.3 Geographical Locations 








Jeetpur-Simara Sub-Metropolitan  City 

Ward number 1,2,14, 15, 19

Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City 

Ward number  1,2,3,7,10,20,24

Rautahat Gaur Municipality 

Ward number 2,4,5,6,7

Gadimai Municipality 

Ward number 10,11 

Karnali Province 


Lekhbesi Municipality 

Ward number 3,4,10

Bheriganga Municipality 

Ward number 10 and 11 

Gurbakot Municipality 

Ward number 6 and 10

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