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Published Date : Sep 29, 2023
Deadline : Oct. 9, 2023, 5 p.m.
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Terms of Reference for Photographer and Editor (TOR)

                               Terms of Reference for Photographer and Editor (TOR)
                               Contract period: October 30th to December 11th, 2023

1. Background to VSO

VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) has been working in Nepal since 1964 with the aim  of improving lives of impoverished people, particularly focusing on marginalized  groups, vulnerable women, and girls. VSO places people at the center of its working  philosophy. People are the key to overcoming poverty, and that is why we work through  Volunteering for Development Approach that people are empowered, public services  are inclusive and accessible and decision makers are held to account. One of our key  strengths is our ability to work at the community level where the needs are the greatest,  sharing skills and experience strategically with people and organizations with the  potential to contribute to development in Nepal effectively. 

2. Background and rationale: 

Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response Phase II (GBVPR II) 

Funded by SDC and RNE and supported by UNFPA, VSO has been implementing  prevention component of the project named “Gender Based Violence Prevention and  Response Phase II” that works towards prevention of violence against women and girls  in Koshi Province and Sudurpashchim Province. PeaceWin from Sudurpashchim and  CoCoN from Koshi Province are VSO’s implementing partners who execute all field  plans and activities to achieve envisioned targets. The project targets primary actors  comprised of married couples, family members, adolescents, CBO members, opinion  leaders, government officials and young facilitators who are intervened through  activities based on gender transformative approach. In total, 57,375 primary actors will  be directly reached through project activities while many more will be reached  indirectly. 

Since the start of the project, there have already been changes observed in the  project’s primary actors. Hence, to share the best practices and impact of the project,  the team has planned to gather quality photographs of primary actors and volunteers  and prepare the selected case stories to diffuse the best practices of GBVPRII to  broader audiences.  

The target audiences of the case stories will be the primary actors of VSO, donor  communities, development practitioners/organizations, government stakeholders and  the GBVPRII consortium team.  


VSO Nepal is seeking an expert consultant/firm to organize the quality delivery of the  case stories in English and Nepali language and deliver quality photographs of primary  actors who are main subject of the case stories. 
Under direct supervision of VSO Nepal dedicated staff, the consultant/firm will be  responsible for ensuring the finalization of proofread case stories, meet the VSO case  story guidelines, and design, which will be later published and disseminated. 

3. Objectives: 

• The consultant/firm will produce 16 case stories and ensure it will attract readers and  capture the essence of the story including theme-based photos for the same.
• Ensure that the case stories and photographs meet the VSO case story guidelines  and the branding guidelines. 
• The consultant/firm will take at least 5-6 pictures of each case story subject to ensure  the project team has choices. This means, about 100 quality pictures will be delivered as part of the assignment. 
• Contact the primary actors for further information and data wherever necessary.
• Deliver any other tasks related to the assignment delegated by the VSO Nepal such  as a few video clips. Specific details will be given in the brief. 

4. Scope: 

The assignment is based on selected districts from Koshi province and the Sudurpaschim province. 

Management/ Consultant team are required to set out their approach to ensuring  complete compliance with international good practice regarding ethics and protocols,  particularly regarding safeguarding children and vulnerable groups. Consideration  should be given to: 

• Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect in the event.
• Data protection and secure maintenance procedures for personal information.
• The product cannot be used by the photographer for their own use. If needed, they  need to contact VSO.  

5. Approach and Methodology: 

The photos include portrait shots as well as others which capture some movement  based on the story. The specifics will be provided in the brief.  

6. Qualifications and Experience: 

For photographers: 

• Experience working on story-based assignments. 
• Strong experience in interview skills and information management.
• Demonstrable at least 5 years prior experience in photographing. 
• Provide at least 5 samples of photographs of different themes. 

For editor: 

• For individual consultants, preferably a bachelor’s degree in mass  communication, arts, journalism, photography, or any other relevant field.
• Strong track record of preparing case stories, relevant English and Nepali  publications, and reports to international development organizations. Provide  at least one sample of each case story, publication, and report. 
• Demonstrated expertise in editorial engagement in English and Nepali  literature, news, and reports. 
• Excellent English language skills (verbal and written). 

7. Deliverables and Schedule: 

The duration of the service contract will be from 30th October to 11th December 2023  with a total of 16 working days. The timeline can be extended if there is a need. 

The tentative timeframe shall look like below: 

Activity description 



Dashain Holidays 

21st October- 28th October 2023

Introductory meeting with project team  and orientation on project, VSO’s  relevant policies, assignment, and  deliverables. 

Review of VSO documents and draft  case stories. 

Planning for field visit.

30th October 2023 

Tools and templates for  data collection and  consent forms will be  shared with  


(Counted as a working  day)

Tihar holidays 

Nov 11th- Nov 16th

Field visits to selected districts of  Sudurpashchim province

Nov 17th –Nov 24th,  2023

Road condition will be checked prior to the fieldvisit. 

(Counted as working  days)

De-briefing meeting and sharing of  photographs and all edited case stories and for review. 

Planning field visit

26th Nov 2023 

Sharing from the field will inform next field visit in Sudurpashchim  


(Counted as a working  day)

Field visits to selected districts of Koshi  province

28th November- 2nd December 2023

Road condition will be checked prior to the field visit. 

(Counted as working  days)

Submit edited photographs and final  case stories

5th December 2023

Review of case stories by VSO team  and editing as required

6th – 8th Dec 2023

Final de-briefing and handover of final  photographs

11th December 2023 

(Counted as working  days)

          The dates can be changed later if necessary. 

8. Roles and responsibilities: 

VSO will provide the following arrangements for the assignment. 

• Sixteen draft case stories (soft copies) that cover the best practices of key project  interventions and the specifications of the type of pictures expected. Ideally, two case  stories will be from selected working districts. 
• Preparatory meeting and orientation about the project, activities, and primary actor  profiles. 
• Relevant publications, knowledge, and evidence products. 
• Contact information of partners or primary actors if required. 

Reporting and coordination

 The consultant/firm will work closely with VSO’s Learning and Communication National  Volunteer and report to the VSO’s M&E Manager. In addition, the consultant/firm will  coordinate with VSO’s implementing partner in both provinces, especially during field  visits. 

9. Payment: 

The total budget of this assignment will be provided in three installments as mentioned  below:  

• First Instalment: 30% after submission of the work plan and inception report in  agreement with VSO. 
• Second Instalment: 30% after submission of photographs from 1st fieldwork, satisfactory to VSO and first draft of edited 16 case stories. 
• Third Instalment: 40% after submission of the final photographs and final version  of 16 case stories, satisfactory to VSO 

The financial proposal should be inclusive of all taxes. Travel expenses will be  covered by VSO and thus should not be included in the financial proposal. The  consultant/firm will need to submit bills and invoices of all traveling expenses to VSO  for cost eligibility. It is to be ensured that all bills and invoices submitted are VAT bills.

Payment will be made after completion of the assignment and deliverable approved  by VSO and submission of a payment request along with the Invoice. 

VSO will pay the amount to the firm in installments as specified above. The tax will be  deducted from the total as per the rule of the Government of Nepal. 

10. Application Procedure 

Consultants (individuals/firms) are required to submit the following: 

• Letter of interest. 
• Technical Proposal with samples as mentioned in section 6. 
• Financial Proposal with detailed breakdowns. 
• CV/s of professional personnel proposed (photographer and editor) for the  assignments. 
• Copy of Company registration certificate (not necessary if you are an individual  applicant) 
• Copy of VAT registration certificate. 
• Tax clearance certificate of FY 2079/80 (If obtained) or Tax clearance certificate of  FY 2078/79. 
• Company profile/ portfolio. 

Technical and Financial documents should be submitted in a separate sealed envelope. The value of the technical and financial proposals will be evaluated at a ratio of 60:40  respectively. 

Proposals must be submitted to an email: [email protected] by 5 PM of 9th October 2023.

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