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Published Date : Nov 17, 2022
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Terms of Reference for Media Consultant for Stories of Change Documentation and Dissemination

                          Promoting Inclusive Resilience and Accountability through Youth Association Strengthening  (PRAYAS) 

                                                                                 Terms of Reference for 

                                  Media Consultant for Stories of Change Documentation and Dissemination  

1. VSO and PRAYAS Project Background 

VSO is the world’s leading independent, international development organization that works through  international volunteer professionals. VSO Nepal is working in Nepal since 1964 to improve the lives  of impoverished people in some of the country’s poorest districts, particularly focusing on vulnerable  women and girls. We believe that people are the key to overcoming poverty, and that is why we work  through volunteers. Drawn from many countries and all walks of life, they give their expertise, time  and passion, and they share their skills with partner organizations ranging from grassroots groups to  government agencies. It is a powerful, cost-effective way to create lasting results. 

VSO implements a consortium project named ‘Promoting Inclusive Resilience and Accountability  through Youth Association Strengthening’ (PRAYAS) which aims to strengthen the role of Youth-Led  Civil Society Organizations (YLCs) to effectively engage youth and other marginalized groups in local  Climate and Disaster Resilience (CDR) processes in Nepal’s new federal context.  

1.1 Project details in English  


Strengthened role of YLCs to effectively engage youth and other marginalized groups as actors in local  CDR processes in Nepal’s new federal context 

PRAYAS Outcomes  

Outcome 1: Enhanced capacity of youth-led CSOs to lead local CDR processes  Outcome 2: Meaningful participation of youth to local CDR processes promoted in Karnali and  Province No. 2 at municipal, provincial and national levels  

Outcome 3: Contribution to a more conducive environment for CSOs to support youth-led local CDR  processes through enabling policies and plans  

Outcome 4: Youth contributions to developing disaster management systems at local and national levels  piloted. 

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