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Published Date : Oct 06, 2020
Deadline : Oct. 18, 2020, 5 p.m.
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Small Scale Labor Market Assessment on business startup


VSO has worked in Nepal since 1964, evolving our focus from service delivery in remote districts to our current approach of developing organizational, managerial and civil society capacities to address poverty. One of our key strengths is our ability to work at the community level where the needs are the greatest, sharing skills and experience strategically with people and organizations with the potential to effectively contribute to development in Nepal. 

Through volunteering for development approach, VSO envisions a fair world for everyone, our unique mission is to bring people together to address marginalization and poverty. We embrace collaboration by empowering marginalized people to take charge of their own development, enable them to share knowledge and skills to create everlasting change and build partnerships that promote innovation and impact, we promote inclusion in all we do and lastly we are committed to integrating safeguarding, treating others equally whilst ensuring no harm, and zero tolerance to fraud.

VSO Nepal envisions a world where excluded and marginalized people including  people with disability(PWDs),  people living with HIV(PLWHIV), LGBTQI populations, adolescents, youth, prisoners, sex workers and drug users are empowered to exercise their  Sexual, reproductive health and rights(SRHR) and enjoy healthier and safer lives. VSO works at the level of individuals, families, communities, services, systems and polices. We aim to achieve behavioral change and build confidence in young people, to create a supportive and enabling family and community environment, to build capacity of service providers working in the health system, and to influence positive policy responses that meet the needs of youth and adolescents.

Purpose of the assignment 

The specific occupations and small-scale business will be selected on the basis of the findings and recommendation of the Small Scale Market Assessment on the local rural context of the districts. The small scale labour market Assessment serves as a basis for receiving information to start up small business and employment opportunities in a particular occupation currently and near future ( 3 to 6 months), skill demands in a particular occupation, income levels, and overall functioning of the labour market focusing to the out of school young girls and women. This research aims to derive evidences of skills demands and employment opportunity. 

One of the key characteristics of the labour market is that it is dynamic, and it keeps on changing. Thus, labour market Assessment/assessments should be done to receive an update on labour market supply and demand aspects focusing on out of school young girls and women. 

The main purpose of the assignment is listed below:

  • To identify what type of small-scale business startup opportunity are available in the market that can be filled by short term training skills, with a special focus on highly demanded skills.
  • To provide a convincing overview of current labour market trends and snapshots of small-scale businesses’ opinions on training and strategic skill needs as well as an overall assessment of economic, social and technical drivers of market growth. A particular focus should be given to sectors and occupations that could be inclusive to out of school young girls and women especially in income generating types of small business sectors.
  • To find out the relevance of skills training offered in the districts to market needs.
  • An assessment of immediate priority skills needs in the priority economic sectors categorized into skill types and levels.
  • To assess the capacity of existing service providers in relation to the provision of identified market-demanded skills.
  • Identification of other economically significant sectors where skills deficiencies might constrain future employment and economic growth for out of school young girls and women.
  • Assessment of key sectors and skill requirements by occupations in the local context. 
  • Analysis of whether unemployed out of school young girls and women are interested or not interested to participate in trainings and later work in identified “most promising” occupations. What are the challenges they face to participate in the trainings and transition into employment? 
  • Review the availability and markets and whether small scale business product will be sold in the nearby markets.

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Interested and eligible Firms are requested to submit their letter of interest (LoI) along with required documents as mentioned above on point no. 10 and 13 to email ID: [email protected] by 18th Oct 2020 no later than 5:00 pm.

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