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Tender Category : Information Technology
Published Date : Sep 03, 2020
Deadline : Sept. 7, 2021, 5 p.m.
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Data Analyst (Individual/Team/Firm)


With the COVID-19 cases increasing and series of waves affecting the populations, now is the time to build data to drive a more evidence-focused and targeted approach to prevention and care. To that end, there are key areas of measurement that are needed.

To generate evidence on the impact of COVID on women and girls, VSO is partnering with Evidence-based Measures of Empowerment for Research on Gender Equality (EMERGE,) University of California San Diego (UCSD). The selected modules aim to collect pieces of evidence on the status of adolescent boys and girls, including those with disabilities and their parents during the COVID-19 lockdown. VSO has started the field enumeration in Parsa and Banke where team will use five different tools. The study's sample size in total is 2205 that includes participants from children with disabilities, in-school boys/girls, out of school girls, and their parents. This research will answer the following questions.

  • What specific household decision-making process, freedom of movement, girls’ behaviours and control mechanisms are practised during the COVID-19 lockdown that has affected the agencies of women and girls?
  • What are the families' mechanisms to manage the studies and communication with the schools during the lockdown?
  • What is the status of COVID-19 in the families and what containment efforts are in place to control the spread of COVID-19?
  • What is the status of Menstrual Hygiene, Handwashing, Drinking Water and Sanitation for the girls and women during COVID-19?
  • What social norms related to Gender and COVID-19 Prevention and Care Behaviours are existed in the households/communities?

VSO is looking for an expert data analyst/firm to present and interpret the data, generate reports, and support publication in a journal or other academic platforms.

The objective of the assignment

The main objectives of this assignment should serve as follows:

  • To analyse the available information (five separate tools) and visualise the data using advanced computerised models to extract the information needed
  • To perform initial analysis to assess the quality of the data and engage in further analysis to determine the meaning of the data
  • To perform final analysis to provide additional data screening
  • To review the available literature related to the assignment
  • To prepare reports based on analysis and presenting to the VSO research team
  • Support and liaise with the academic journals for peer-to-peer review and publications

The consultant will work closely with the designated research team of Measures to Build the Evidence of Need and Response for Women and Girls in Nepal project under the supervision of the primary investigator.

Required Qualifications and Experience

The principal investigator should meet the following criteria.

Masters degree in statistics, public health or other relevant social science subjects with at least three years of experience in the similar field

  • Previous demonstrated experience as a data analyst and interpreter
  • A high level of mathematical ability
  • The ability to analyse, model and interpret quantitative data using the latest efficient softwares
  • The ability to plan work and meet deadlines, and to work with the team
  • Excellent professional English writing skills
  • Experience of research publications in academic journals (peer to peer review)

For Detailed TOR Please CLICK HERE

Application Procedure

The consultant/firm is required to submit the following:

  • Letter of interest
  • CV with at least two references (CV of primary investigator and other members in the case of team)
  • At least two samples of previous work related to the requirements of this ToR.
  • Financial proposal indicating a consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate (Business PAN registration required for individual consultant)
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate FY 076/77.

Interested and eligible Firms/individuals are requested to submit their letter of interest and required documents as mentioned above on points no. 11 and 13 to email ID: [email protected] no later than 5:00 pm, 07 September 2021.

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