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Published Date : Sep 12, 2022
Deadline : Sept. 27, 2022, 5 p.m.
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Consultancy services to facilitate the communication strategy workshop and finalization of strategy of community-based organizations

Terms of Reference for Consultancy services to facilitate the communication strategy workshop and finalization of strategy of community-based organizations of Morang, Udayapur, Kailali and Dang

1. Introduction and Background

Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) is a non-governmental organization working for the protection and promotion of human rights. Established in 1991, WOREC is one of the leading national organizations that works to prevent violence against women, its causes and consequences, and to ensure economic, social and cultural well-being of women as well as other marginalized groups by promoting their access to rights and social justice. 

WOREC's campaigns are driven by the power of over 600 women's collectives and networks and 80 Women-led Community Based Organizations (CBOs), whose establishment was facilitated by WOREC through movement-based activities. Women-led CBOs have played a critical role in initiating the feminist movement in Nepal. WOREC regards CBOs as one of its most important partners at grassroots levels in working together to eliminate discrimination, gender-based violence, and injustice. In recent years, CBOs have been recognized as essential institutions at the grassroots to sustain development activities and attain inclusion of the marginalized section of the society at the grassroots. 

Though women-led CBOs in rural communities have been working effectively to address the issues of women empowerment, many CBOs often lack communication skills that can affect their effective performance and inhibit their ability to deliver more diverse development services to their members and the community as a whole. 

Thus, WOREC finds it essential to support and strengthen CBO staff's communication skills and capacity to help them communicate CBO's works effectively through different communication channels. For this, WOREC aims to provide capacity-building training and workshops to CBOs' staff members to develop a communication strategy and communication tools based on WOREC’s communication strategy. 

2. Objectives

The purpose of the consultancy is to facilitate the capacity building workshop to CBOs staffs and members to develop the communication strategy and finalize the communication strategy of the CBOs. 

3. Deliverables

  • Facilitation the workshops virtual – half day, 3 days workshop in Dang and Udayapur – 3/3 days 
  • Focus Group Discussion with CBOs before workshops for situation analysis and submit the report to WOREC
  • Seven finalized communication strategy of CBOs (Morang – 2, Udayapur – 2, Dang – 2 and Kailali – 1) in Nepali language

4. Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the virtual and in person workshops with CBOs in coordination with WOREC
  • Conduct focus group discussion with CBOs to assess the situation and submit the report to WOREC
  • Finalize the communication strategies of CBOs and share to WOREC
  • Discussion with CBOs on the finalized strategy
  • Comply with WOREC policies 

5. Location

The consultant can work remotely while developing the strategies. The workshop will be in Udayapur and Dang districts and FGD will be in Morang, Udayapur, Dang and Kailali.

6. Duration

  • The timeline of the consultancy/assignment to translate and submit is one month from the date of agreement. 

7. Consultancy Budgeting and mode of payments

  • The consultant needs to use his/ her own tools and equipment for preparing the report and presentations. Payment will be made in one instalment through cheque, after the completion of assignment. 
  • Applicable taxes will be deducted as per the rules of the Government of Nepal.

8. Required Competencies

  • The organization/individual consultant should have previous experience in communication sector and facilitating same kind of workshop
  • Very good understanding of human rights defenders’ issues of Nepal, regional and international.
  • At least 3–5 years of experience working in related Field.
  • Good reporting skill.

Relationship of the Parties

In performing the services, the consultant/resource person shall act as an independent consultant and shall not be deemed to be an employee or agent of WOREC.  The consultant shall be solely responsible for and shall be liable for, indemnify, defend and hold WOREC harmless against all wages, fees, contributions, charges and taxes required by legislation. All appropriate deductions are made in respect of income tax and other contributions.

This contract shall not be deemed to create any kind of partnership, joint venture, agency or franchise agreement with the Resource Person/consultant or sub-contractors (if any).

This is a short-term consultancy assignment. The budget for this assignment will be as per the procurement policy of organization and tax will be deducted as per the government policy of Nepal.

Apart from that, organization will not take any access and unforeseen budget against agreement between both parties.

The work will be released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

All EOI's are to be submitted by 27 September, 2022 before 05:00 pm via email or drop at office reception desk in following address. As this call is re- advertised, those who had applied previously, there is no need to apply again.

For Detailed Annex Please "CLICK HERE"

9. How to Apply: Submit the technical and financial proposal to:   

The consultancy firm/individual should submit the technical and financial proposal within the deadline. The individual consultant should submit detailed resume and PAN and consultancy firm should submit the copy of PAN, legal registration documents and tax clearance certificates. 

Email: [email protected]
Women’s Rehabilitation Centre
Balkumari, Lalitpur

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