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Published Date : Jan 12, 2022
Deadline : Jan. 19, 2022, 11:55 p.m.
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Consultancy services on Strategy Development Facilitation

Request for Proposal: Strategy Development Facilitator
Location: Nepal 
Reporting To: Program Manager  
Application Deadline: Wednesday 19th January 2022 


The Freedom Fund is looking for a consultant or organisation to support the facilitation and development of  a joint strategy with the three largest agricultural bonded labour networks in Nepal, the Harawa-Charawa  Network, Haliya Federation and the Mukta Kamaiya. The strategy would be a long-term plan and roadmap  for their movement to eliminate agricultural bonded labour in Nepal and support families to recover. 

Background and overview of The Freedom Fund 

The Freedom Fund ( is a leader in the global movement to end modern slavery. It: 

  • Invests in those countries and sectors with the greatest incidence of slavery. 
  • Analyses which interventions work best and shares that knowledge. 
  • Brings together a community of activists committed to ending slavery and empowered by the knowledge of how best to do so. 
  • Generates funding by demonstrating how effective interventions can protect those at risk of being  enslaved and free those in slavery. 

The Freedom Fund works to combat many different forms of extreme exploitation, including forced  labour, sex trafficking, forced marriage, and the worst forms of child labour. The Fund operates anti slavery programs in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar and will open new programs in  Brazil, Indonesia and Bangladesh in 2021.  

The Freedom Fund’s Work in Nepal 

The Freedom Fund’s hotspot program in Nepal is working to bring an end to agricultural bonded labour.  Some 400,000 people are estimated to be in agricultural bonded labour across Nepal, with families trapped  in exploitative labour relationships to repay debt which may be passed down through several generations. The three largest groups affected are the Harawa-Charawa, Haliya and Kamaiya between whom there has  been limited interaction despite many of the challenges being shared. Working with six local organisations,  the hotspot supports the Harawa-Charawa bonded labourers in Province 2, the Haliya in Province 7 and  Kamaiya in Province 5. Although the government of Nepal has officially ‘freed’ the Haliya and Kamaiya  bonded labourers, many failed to access government rehabilitation schemes while a lack of alternative  work meant that the groups remain highly vulnerable to falling back into bonded labour. The hotspot aims  to reduce the prevalence of agricultural bonded labour across Nepal through mobilising a national survivor led movement, ensuring the government has a robust legal and policy framework and building the  resilience of these communities to bring themselves out of bondage. 

Joint Strategy Development 

The Freedom Fund is supporting the three largest agricultural bonded labour networks, the Harawa Charawa Network, Haliya Federation and the Mukta Kamaiya, to develop a long-term strategy for their movement to eliminate agricultural bonded labour in Nepal and ensure survivors receive support to recover  and rebuild their lives. The development of the strategy will be a participatory process with the networks  and supported by their allies. It will take into account that the networks are at different stages in their fight  to end agricultural bonded labour and will draw out common areas where the networks can work together to achieve change. The detail of the strategy will include key outcomes the networks will want to achieve in  the coming years as well as milestones to be achieved in the interim. It will layout approaches that can be  used to achieve the outcomes and map key stakeholders to target. It will also highlight the roles of allies  such as NGOs, activists, media and others in working with the networks. 

The final product will be a user-friendly strategy that will be flexible to changes in context in the coming  years and allow the movement to course correct and choose different priorities as required. The strategy  will build in processes for reviewing and revising the approaches and outcomes on a regular basis. 

Scope of Work  

The consultant is required to undertake the following activities on behalf of the Freedom Fund.  

1. Conduct review of existing strategies from the three bonded labour networks and produce short  summary of priorities and areas of overlap between the groups (no longer than 5 pages). 

2. Prepare a draft/ template for a strategy document outlining different components to be included (for  example outcomes, milestones, pathways, stakeholder mapping etc). 

3. Prepare a plan for leading a facilitated workshop with the three networks and other relevant  allies/stakeholders, including guestlist, agenda etc. 

4. Prepare tools and resources for the facilitated strategy development workshop. 

5. Conduct the strategy development workshop. 

6. Prepare a draft version of the strategy and submit to the Freedom Fund for review. 

7. Conduct feedback session with the networks to verify the draft strategy document. 

8. Incorporate all final feedback and finalise strategy to be ready for publication in Nepali, Tharu, Doteli,  Maithili, and English. 

All documents that are produced through the above activities must be sent to the Freedom Fund for approval before being finalized. 

Key Deliverables 


January 2022 (Proposed Time)

  • Review of existing strategies from the three bonded labour networks and  produce short summary of priorities and areas of overlap between the  groups (no longer than 5 pages).
  • Feedback session with the networks to verify the draft strategy  document. 

January 2022 (Proposed Time)

  • Draft/skeleton template for a strategy document outlining different  components to be included (for example outcomes, milestones,  pathways, stakeholder mapping etc) 
  • Plan for conducted a facilitated workshop with the three networks and  other relevant allies/stakeholders, including guestlist, agenda etc. 

February 2022 (Proposed Time)

  • Tools and resources for the facilitated strategy development workshop. 

February/March 2022 (Proposed Time)

  • Strategy development workshop completed. 
  • Draft version of the strategy ready and submitted to the Freedom Fund  for review.
  •  All final feedback incorporated and strategy finalise and ready for publication in Nepali, Tharu, Doteli, Maithili, and English.  


Both individual consultants and organizations specializing in strategy development/participatory methods  are welcome to apply. Organizations and consultants must be based in Nepal. 

Proposal and Budget 

Proposal format 

Interested parties should prepare a proposal of no more than 3 pages plus annexes. Proposals  should contain the following sections: 

  • Short biography of consultant/key team members, outlining relevant subject matter expertise  and prior experience leading similar projects.  
  • High-level work plan included estimated number of days for key project phases and deliverables. 
  • Proposed budget in USD. 
  • CVs of key staff may be included in the annexes.  

Budgets will be reviewed with respect to the strength of the proposal in meeting the project objectives  in a cost-effective manner, we do not simply priorities the lowest budget. Please prepare a brief budget  in USD with the following breakdown: 

  • Personnel cost 
  • Precautions for covid-19 (such as personal protective equipment, infrared thermometers, etc.) 
  • Other direct costs (such as training and meeting costs, travel and accommodation, etc.) 
  • Overheads 
  • VAT and other taxes, if applicable 

The proposal must be written in English and sent electronically in Microsoft Office or PDF format. 

Qualifications and experience 

The successful candidate will have: 


  • Degree in social sciences, social work, and human rights. Relevant experience would compensate for  educational background. 
  • Prior experience working on issues/and with people who have experienced bonded labour, forced labour  or human trafficking; experience working with survivors of violence, gender discrimination and  marginalised populations. 
  • Experience designing and developing strategy plans and documents, including producing final  publications. 
  • Strong facilitation skills and experience. Experience of using participatory methods 
  • Experience in planning and delivering workshops. 
  • Ability to form good working relationships with survivor groups, local grantee partners and colleagues  based outside of Nepal at Freedom Fund HQ. 
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly to frontline partners. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to engage appropriately with partners’ staff across various job  functions. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communications in English and Nepali.  
  • Experience using participatory methods to facilitate inclusive community discussion.  
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently. 


  • Familiarity working in project implementation areas in Provinces 2, 5 and 7.  


  • The workshop and other meetings may be held in Kathmandu or in Provinces 2, 5, 7 so consultant will need  to be able to travel as needed. 

Application procedure 

Proposals including a high-level work plan and budget should be submitted in English (maximum three pages). 

Please send applications by email in PDF format to j[email protected], including ‘Strategy  Development Facilitator – Nepal’ in the subject line by end of day GM Wednesday 19th January 2022. 

Please note that only candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted. No phone calls please.  No agencies please. 

The Freedom Fund is an equal opportunities employer. We value the strength of a diverse workforce and  encourage applications from people with disabilities, Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds  and the LGBT+ community. Applicants must be eligible to work in Nepal.  

The Freedom Fund is committed to the importance of meaningful survivor inclusion and  leadership. As such, particular consideration will be given to applicants with lived experience of  trafficking and/or forced labour.  

The Freedom Fund prioritizes Safeguarding. As part of our commitment to the protection of children and  vulnerable people in our work, any offer of employment with the Freedom Fund will be subject to  satisfactory pre-employment checks to ensure we recruit only those who are suitable to work with children  and vulnerable persons. These checks include Disclosure and Barring Service and/or International Criminal  Records Checks, satisfactory references, proof of eligibility to work in the national location of this role and  checks against the Office of Foreign Assets Control data list (OFAC] which highlights any connections to  terrorism or trafficking. Any offer of employment or consultancy with The Freedom Fund will only be made  following both successful background checks being conducted on the applicant and upon receipt of  satisfactory pre-employment checks by former employers. Such checks may be updated periodically during  the course of the period of employment or consultancy. By submitting a formal application, you agree to the  Freedom Fund carrying out these checks.

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