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Tender Category : Consulting
Published Date : Oct 31, 2021
Deadline : Nov. 8, 2021, 5 p.m.
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Consultancy Service to Develop Mobile Application and Digital Platform

Human and National Development Society (HANDS) Nepal
Dudhauli-6, Sindhuli

Term of Reference for Consultancy service to develop mobile application and digital platform for carrying out Multi Hazard Risk Assessment of Schools from Marin Rural Municipality and Dudhauli Municipality of Sindhuli district, Nepal.

Republished Date: 10/31/2021
First Tender Publish Date: 10/20/2021
Last Date of Tender Submission: 11/8/2021


Gender Responsive School and Community Safety Initiatives (GRSCSI) is a regional project of Plan International Nepal that is going to be implemented in Nepal and Bangladesh with support of Plan International in Asia (ARO) and Japanese National Office. The project will implement in 8 public schools and 24 communities of these school catchment of Dudhuali municipality and Marin RM of Sindhuli district, which will start on July, 2021 for three years. The district has both hills and Terai (flat land) which is prone to multiple hazards, the most frequent are landslide, floods, fire and lightening. Out of total school, 128 schools of these two municipalities are at high risk. Basic facilities in schools are neither sufficient nor inclusive. Poor WASH facilities and unavailability of menstrual hygiene management corner in most of school has exacerbated poor menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls. Even though government has plans to roll out CSSF and School Improvement Plan (SIP) in targeted locations, it has not been fully implemented. Similarly, local government has limited technical as well as financial resources for disaster risk reduction. This project aims to contribute achieving a gender transformative, safer education and learning environment both at school and community levels that responds to and prepares for multi-hazards risks. To achieve its desired goal, the project will work with girls, boys, teachers, male and female community members, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Management Committees (SMCs), and local government. During the 3 (three) years implementation, the project aims to achieve a gender transformative, safer education and learning environment both at school and community levels that responds to and prepares for multi-hazards risks. The project expects to achieve three outcomes;

  • Strengthened safer and gender responsive school environment aligning with Comprehensive School Safety framework 
  • Enhanced community DRM capacities that are gender responsive, inclusive and integrated with school preparedness initiatives  
  • Promotion of gender-responsive safe school initiatives at local, provincial, national, and regional levels. 

By the end of the project, about 6,980 people including 2,240 students of 8 schools and its catchment areas of 24 communities in the two municipalities will be supported. This project will promote meaningful participation of girls and boys in schools and their contribution towards the planning and decision-making processes of the community disaster risk reduction. The project will also ensure the inclusive actions towards leading to lasting impact on girls and boys and their communities. Hands Nepal, Sindhuli is working as an implementing partner of Plan International Nepal in Sindhuli since 2012. To fulfill the requirement of outcome 1, the project is seeking IT service for digital based multi hazard risk assessment of all public schools of Marin Rural Municipality and Dudhauli municipality of Sindhuli district. Hence, the project is going to develop an apps for multi hazard risk assessment with reference to standard participatory disaster risk assessment and will apply to all 128 public schools of Marin rural municipality and Dudhauli municipality, Sindhuli district.

Requirement of Consultant Firm

Qualification and Experience: Consulting firm should have enough experts and experiences of mobile apps development, remote sensing/ GIS data collection, analysis and visualization, and multi hazard risk assessment. Consulting firm have at least three years experiences of multi hazard risk assessment by using modern technology and participatory multi hazard risk assessment and three years of experience of mobile apps development especially DRM, Climate Crisis (CC)related tools as well as application. Firm has expertise and experience in developing mobile and web based platforms for NGO’s, INGO’s. Similarly, firm should have cloud back up for all data collected and visualization. The firm has following experts or proposed good composition of expertise.

Team Leader: Master’s degree in ICT or computer engineering with at least 5 years’ experience of mobiles apps and web based platform development/management or masters’ degree in disaster risk management, environmental science/ management or related field. S/he has previous experience on hazard risk assessment based on mobile apps.

Other Expert: IT and application developer should be master’s degree in ICT or computer engineering with at least 3 years’ experience of mobiles apps and web based platform development/management or Bachelor in computer engineering with 5 years of relevant experience. Previous experience on hazard risk assessment based on mobile apps is desirable. Similarly, another expert should have master’s degree in disaster risk management, environmental science/ management or related field. S/he has 5 years or above previous experience along with hazard risk assessment. Either team leader or DRR/CCA Expert should have sound knowledge on School Based Disaster Risk Assessment and Disaster Risk Management, Climate Crisis including knowledge of government, UN and likeminded organizations VCA tools developed for making schools safe. GIS/remote sensing data should be analyzed and managed by an expert.

Consulting firm should have experience of working with development organizations (I/NGOs) related to similar tasks.

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How to apply

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