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Tender Category : Consulting
Published Date : Apr 12, 2021
Deadline : April 18, 2021, 5 p.m.
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Consultancy Service on Counselling and Psychosocial Support Area

Background :

VSO has been working in Nepal since 1964, evolving our focus from service delivery to our  current approach of developing organizational, managerial, and civil society capacities to  address poverty. One of our key strengths is our ability to work at the community level where  the needs are the greatest, sharing skills and experience strategically with people and  organizations with the potential to effectively contribute to development in Nepal. 

VSO Nepal envisions a world where excluded and marginalized people including people with  disability (PWDs), people living with HIV(PLWHIV), LGBTQI populations, adolescents, youth,  prisoners, sex workers and drug users are empowered to exercise their Sexual, reproductive  health and rights(SRHR) and enjoy healthier and safer lives. VSO works at the level of  individuals, families, communities, services, systems and polices. We aim to achieve  behavioural change and build confidence in young people, to create a supportive and enabling  family and community environment, to build capacity of service providers working in the  health system, and to influence positive policy responses that meet the needs of youth and  adolescents. 

COVID-19 has exposed health workers and their families to unprecedented levels of risk. In  addition to physical risks, the pandemic has placed extraordinary levels of psychological stress  on health workers exposed to high-demand settings for long hours, living in constant fear of  disease exposure while separated from family and facing social stigmatization. Before COVID 

19 hit, medical professionals were already at higher risk of suicide in all parts of the world. Thus, with objective to support Health workers for their own mental health and prepare them  to response to the urgent need to support people in distress because of the COVID-19  outbreak, VSO has envisioned to provide basic PFA training to Health worker of Bara district.  It is the area of Province two, which is mostly affected by COVID-19 and also working district  of VSO SAHAYATRA project. 

Required Qualifications and Experience :

  • Minimum Masters’ Degree in Psychology or related fields. 
  • At least 5 years’ professional experience in psychological and counselling field, handling  the psychological issues of children and women. 
  • Expertise on developing training package, coaching and providing mentoring support and  capacity building sessions to the different groups on the psychosocial counselling, youth  and adolescence psychology and dealing with them in the context of rural Nepal. 
  • Working experience on promoting healthy psychosocial environment. ∙ Proven experience in training design, working guidelines and training delivery, preferably  working on youth, adolescence and child psychological development and how the gender  based violence, different forms of abuse, and harmful socio-cultural practices effects on  their development, and how to deal with those age group facing difficulties with life.  ∙ Familiar with development projects related with Education, Safeguarding, Accountability, Social Inclusion & Gender, and Resilience. 
  • Experience of supporting case through distance base process and delivering the trainings and support to build capacity through online platforms. 
  • Excellent report writing skills in both English and Nepali. 

Application Procedure :

Consultancy firms or individuals are required to submit the following:  

  • Letter of interest indicating consultancy fee 
  • Personal CVs of professional personnel proposed for this project (two reference  persons in CV are mandatory) 
  • Copy of Company/firm registration certificate 
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate 
  • Copy of tax clearance certificate for the FY 2076/77 or, Nissa for the same FY. 

For the detailed TOR, please CLICK HERE

Reporting :

The Consultant will report to: ASRH Coordinator of SFSE Project 

 Interested individuals/registered firms are requested to send application/proposal by 18th of  April, 2021 within business hours at [email protected]

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