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Source: Nagarik

Tender Category : Construction
Published Date : 31st Jul, 2020
Deadline : Aug. 21, 2020, 1 p.m.
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Construction of Mental Health Therapeutic Centre

Contract Id. No: KOSHISH//Works/01/2077/ 078 
Date of publication: 2077-03-16 (31st July, 2020) 

  • 1. KOSHISH invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the procurement of following construction work under National Competitive Bidding Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding procedures.
Contract Identification No.:  KOSHISH/Works/012077/78
Description of work: Construction of Mental Health Therapeutic Centre at Pharping Kathmandu.
Work Completion Duration:  12 Months 
Bid Security  Amount (NRS)
 : 12,00,000.00
Fee for Bidding Document (NRS) :  5,000.00

  • Under the Single Stage, Two Envelope Procedure, Bidders are required to submit simultaneously two separate sealed envelopes, one containing (i) the Technical Bid and the other (ii) the Price Bid, both in turn enclosed in one sealed envelope as per the provision of ITB 21 of the Bidding Document 
  • 3. Eligible Bidders may obtain further information via KOSHISH's Telephone No. 01-5190103 or[email protected]
  • Bidding document can be obtained from KOSHISH's central office, Bagdol, Lalitpur Nepal before14th Bhadra, 2077 (30th August, 2020) in office hour 5:00 PM. Bidders must deposit NPR. 5,000.00 (Non-refundable) as the cost of bidding document in the following Bank Account and present original deposit voucher. Bank and Branch Name: Siddhartha Bank Ltd, Kumaripati Lalitpur Account No. 01815222100 Account Type: Saving 
  • Pre bid meeting shall be held at same as office address at 5th Bhadra 2077 (21st August, 2020) at 01:00 PM
  •  Bids must be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bidsecurity document (A class Bank Guarantee) amount to a minimum of NRs. 12,00,000 (NRS Twelve Hundred Thousand only) which shall be valid for 30 days beyond the validity period of the bid. 
  • Sealed Bids must be submitted to the office of KOSHISH, Central Office, Administration Department, Bagdol, Lalitpur, Nepal before 14th Bhadra 2077 (30th August, 2020), 12:00 PM. Bids received after this deadline will be rejected. 
  • The bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders representatives who choose to attend at 14th Bhadra 2077 (30th August, 2020), 1:00 PM at KOSHISH Central Office, Bagdol, Lalitpur Nepal. 
  •  If the last date of purchasing and/or submission of bid document fall on a government holiday. then the next working day shall be considered as the last date. In such case the validity period of the bid security shall remain the same as specified for the original last date of bid submission 
  • KOSHISH reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all the bids without assigning reason, whatsoever.

    KOSHISH National Mental Health Self-Help Organization
    Bagdol, Lalitpur, NEPAL, Tel: 01-5190103(Administration KOSHISH Department),

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