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Source: Naya Patrika

Tender Category : Construction
Published Date : Mar 30, 2021
Deadline : April 21, 2021, noon
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Construction of Bio Fencing Works Around Grass Land

Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development
Department of Livestock Services
National Livestock Breeding Office
Pokhara, Kaski
Invitation for Bids IFB No: NLBO/W/NCB/077-78/12.1 & 12.2
(First Date of publication : 2077/12/17) 

1. National Livestock Breeding Office, Pokhara, Kaski invites online bids for NCB Contracts under e-procurement system from eligible bidders for the Construction of Various Projects mentioned below;

Description and location of works:

  • Construction of Bio Fencing Works Around Grass Land, NLBO. 
  • Upgrading of Road Inside Office, NLBO.

2. Purchase, Submission and Opening:

Pre-Bid Meeting:
Date: 13th April 2021
Time: 13:00

Purchase of Bid:
Date: Till, 2021 April 28
Time Within office hour

Submission of Bid:
Date: Till, 2021 April 29
Time: Till 12:00

Opening of Bid: 
Date: 2021 April 29
Time: 13:00

3. Tender Procedures shall follow Public Procurement Act (1st Amendment, 2073) and Public Procurement Regulation (10th Amendment, 2076). 

4. Bidders shall download the bidding documents and submit their bids electronically through e-procurement section of PPMO's website, as specified in the Bidding data sheet for provision of E-Bidding. Bidders should deposit the equivalent fee for bidding document in the above Revenue Account within the date and time specified above. Bids submitted in hardcopy for NCB contract shall not be accepted. 

5. A new firm established by any person or manager of a firm or company that is blacklisted according to PPA will be ineligible to submit bids. 

6. For further information, please refer to the PPMO's website as prescribed above. Any amendment in the notice or bid documents will be posted in notice board of this office or PPMO's website

NLBO, Chief

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