Engineer (Technical career-track employee)
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Shikokuasu.Inc was established in 1953. This is a professional company working in insulation and soundproofing work that designs and manages construction work. The customers are mainly major companies in the area and their specialised technological capabilities are highly evaluated. They play an important role in daily economic activities and daily life, such as various plants and incinerators. As this industry is an essential field it is characterized by an abundance of new projects and maintenance projects that are not easily affected by the economic wave, which ensures the job security. With 60 years in the business Shikokuasu invests in their employees and believes in capacity building from ground zero. This is to give all round development to the employees and support their careers prosper along with the Company. 

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Engineer (Technical career-track employee)

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Position: Engineer (Technical career-track employee)

(For fresh engineering graduates and mid-career with 0-2 years work experience) 

Work location: Ehime Prefecture, Japan 

Salary: 3.5million JPY- 5 million JPY annual (Approx. 36 lakh NPR- 52 lakh NPR /year

Interview Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Job Description: 

Leading the overall designing and implementing the Project, thus, need to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Meeting: Get construction information from existing customers and make proposals and hold meetings
  • Estimation and design: Make an estimate based on the materials, the arrangement of the craftsmen and the construction period
  • Fieldwork: Proceed with the construction while communicating with the craftsmen at the site. After the completion of construction conduct regular maintenance

Education/ Experiences: 

  • Bachelors/ Masters/ PhD in Engineering

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Engineering

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering

Additional benefit: Health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, dormitory equipped with 3LDK apartment shared by up to 3 people, worth 10,000 JPY per person

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