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Sigma Con.(P) Ltd was established in November 1994,as a construction and consulting company in the field of electrical nd communication Engineering providing EPC solution to the growth demands of transmission and distribution (T&D) sector in the region. Sigma Con has been involved in some of the largest and most complicated electrical construction projects in Nepal. After 20 years of steady growth, we provide array of services within electrical construction industry which includes design and construction of transmission & distribution lines and electrical substation.

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Sigma Con


Sigma Con

Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal
Construction of Electrical Substation

  1. Turn-key substation construction through 132 kV.
  2. Construction of Switch yard Civil Work and Control Building.
  3. Cable trench installations.
  4. Control and Relay Panels and Wiring.
  5. High voltage cable installation, splicing and termination.
  6. Installation and commissioning of transformers and switchgear.
  7. SCADA installation.
  8. Substation testing, commissioning and maintenance.
  9. Project and construction management.
  10. Preventative maintenance.

Construction of Low and Medium Voltage Distribution Line

  1. Overhead Construction.
  2. Underground Construction.
  3. Pole Erection.
  4. Wire Stringing, Sagging, clipping and dead ending
  5. Energized construction and maintenance.
  6. Reconductor existing lines.
  7. Energization and testing.

Construction of High Voltage Transmission Line

  1. Route alignment.
  2. Detail Survey, Route Marking, Plan & Profile preparation and Tower Optimization/Tower Spotting.
  3. Soil Investigation and Resistivity testing.
  4. Tree Enumeration and Cadastral survey.
  5. Detail Tower Design of Single-circuit, Double-circuit and Multi-circuit Towers upto 220 KV Voltage Level.
  6. Right-of-way preparation and clearing.
  7. Complete EPC foundation installation.
  8. Lattice tower assembly and erection.
  9. Conductor stringing, sagging, clipping and dead-ending.
  10. OPGW stringing.
  11. Reconductor of existing transmission lines.
  12. Conductor stringing of second circuit in “Live Line” condition.
  13. Energization and testing.

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