PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor is an open source general purpose scripting language which is mainly used for web development. PHP is widely used programming language as it can be used along with HTML code. Generally PHP codes are embedded into HTML.Laravel is a web application framework written in PHP which is more secure, advance and easy PHP framework.  The most beautiful part of it is that, it is free and opensource.

Laravel developers hold a special professionalism such as web application developer, business promoter, software developer, open source web developer, SQL server database developer or at least as a highly qualified experienced PHP tutor. Besides, all of the job placements draws a huge payroll so one’s future as a PHP developer is totally secure. And for those who despise the idea of working under someone else can also participate in the game as a freelance PHP developer. Both of the ways are prominent to have a sound future. Thus, at the end of the day, it is basically about what one likes to do and what he chooses.

Basic Requirements
HTML/CSS/Bootstrap & Javascript knowledge is required



Who want to make there career in IT

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Resource Person

RR Shree School of Technology, a premier technological school fully dedicated to bring state of art technology available to the local genome of young and professional human resource of the country. With the motive of “Delivering Brilliance” and recent certification from Autodesk; as it’s only authorized certification center in the country currently the school works in two business model namely Academy and Studio. The Academy has been conducting short and long vocational courses in Animation, 3D, VFX, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design and technical courses like Engineering designs as well, whereas Studio has been working in the field of production of documentary, PSA, TVC, Movie Editing and VFX.

Having said that, to step forward towards our vision of nation building through delivering brilliance we are planning an extensive collaboration and reach out campaigns to various educational institutions in the city to inform students about the courses offered by our
institution. Hence, we are reaching out to your esteemed institution seeking for an opportunity to collaborate.

Take Ways

  • Able to Create a website Aplication
  • PHP Forma & Function
  • Will Learn database and OOP PHP
  • Laravel Setting up and supporting tools
  • Laravel Forms and HTML Components
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