After the Global Pandemic hit hard, the pace of business transformation today has downfallen resulting to effect in lives of many. In this case, change management is essential in order to accept the new normal. Thus, with an objective of motivation, acceptance and moving forward, we have come up the session on “Change Management” through which you can get an overview to moving forward to the new normal.

Change Management Session gives you the tools, know-how and support you need to drive successful change going forward. It's an effective plan with leadership in place for managing change. The change process is bigger than just a single person. Instead, multiple moving parts must work together to ensure a smooth transition.


who want to adjust to The New Normal

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Abhishek Tula

(International Trainer)

Resource Person

A certified trainer & business coach, has over 17+ years of experience. He possesses unique combination of training, management and consulting experience. He is also the CEO & Co-Founder of Kaizen Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

As a trainer he has imparted training in more than 75+ companies and assisted in scaling up the capacity of employees and revenue. Trained 25,000+ participants at junior, middle and senior leadership level across various functions globally.

He is an accredited Neuro Linguistic Program qualified professional, certified ISO 9000:2008 lead auditor, certified Program Management expert by Afghan Workforce Development Group Facilitated bu USAID, member of India Society for Training & Development and a Landmark Curriculum graduate.

As a business coach, his strategic planning skill and process consulting expertise assists in reviewing their business plan, compare it with their goals, and identify ways to improve their chances of success.

He has been awarded multiple certificates from international agencies and renowned organizations for his outstanding trainings. 


  • Skill vs Will
  • The new normal and positive impact
  • Signs and reasons for resistance to change
  • Change management model
  • Process and Three c’s of change leadership of change
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