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How to Filter Job Applications in a Smarter Way

Application shortlisting involves huge deal of time & effort. It’s great to have so much interest in the position, but it can also be an incredibly ti… Read more

Challenges in Employee Retention in Nepal

Employee turnover is expensive to any company in a variety of ways. So, how can one make sure that talented and valuable employees stay in the organizatio… Read more

5 Ways to Gain Employee Feedback Effectively

Gaining effective feedbacks from employee can make you look at the tiny things you're missing out, and help your company to move up to the next level. So … Read more

5 Essential Skills HR Professionals Should Have

Know what are the most essential skills needed as HR Professionals. Here are 5 essential skills you have to know and adopt to be a better HR professional… Read more

5 Tips on Training New Employees for the Job

Training your new employees for the job can give you the chance to study their overall skills from a closer view. Not only you will be able to get good re… Read more

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