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Employer Branding: Creating a Workplace Where Everyone Would Love to Work

So, why is employer branding becoming so important and what is the role of HR for the same? Generally, employer branding reflects the attitude and behavio… Read more

Employee Exit Program: More than Just Exit Interview

mployee exit process starts as soon as s/he submits his/her resignation to the HR department. Whatever be the reasons for exit, the role of HR department … Read more

Success Mantra for Hiring & Managing Interns

Also, if hired correctly, interns can contribute to the organization to a large extent. How can we hire the right candidate for internship programs? The f… Read more

Reasons why Best Employees Leave their Jobs

Employees leave companies due to various reasons, of which some are known are some are very difficult to figure out. So, what can be the possible factors … Read more

Retention of the Best Talents in Nepalese HR has Been a Biggest Challenge: 55th HR Kurakani

Finding and recruiting the best talents remains one of the major challenges in the HR market today. But, the question lies is, how can we define a best ca… Read more

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