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HR Activity As A Closed Door Affair

The participant discussed that HR as open and closed door affairs depend on three factors: out of organization, within the organization and the management… Read more

Role of HR in Enhancing Employee Competencies

Enhancing employee’s competencies is the important aspect of HR personnel in the organization. Employees are competent if they possess good knowledge, job… Read more

Importance of Performance Planning for Effective Appraisal

Performance plans or work plans helps to keep the employees motivated and at the same time contributes in meeting organizational objective. There are vari… Read more

Well Written Job Descriptions Are Worth The Effort

Writing quality job descriptions are always worth the effort. The effort you put will definitely result in more understandable job descriptions that are u… Read more

Workplace Harassment, Its Types and Control Measures

Workplace harassment, physical or psychological, should be taken care of in an organization. Else, the effect of these harassments will ultimately be seen… Read more

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